Who makes pro boots???


I am new to this site but my boyfriend uses it alot and I thought someone here may be able to help me. I recently brought a pair of brand new pro boots from ebay. They arrived in perfect condition but after just two days walking the entire soles have fallen off. My boyfriend recalls this happening to a set of small sized issued boots which were sent to our unit. What I have tried to find out, but failed is how I can get hold of the manufacturer of pro boot, in order to inform them of their defected item and to see if there is anything they can do to help me. Has anyone had any similar problems or know how I can solve mine?

Any replies would be grateful - answers on a postcard!

Thanks rockhoppercrab, but i'm not sure they are pro-xt. Literally all the manufacturing guide on how to care for your "finest combat boot available in the World today... a 5* boot" is pro-boot, nothing about xt at all.

Anymore ideas???

Any chance of contacting the ebay seller to find out where they got them from? They are not all crooks and arfur daileys :wink: :D and if they are a reputable seller should have a returns policy.
yes have contacted the seller, but no reply as of yet, I guess I should hold out a little longer and assume he is as honest as the rest of us!
Hope it works out to your satisfaction, but keep contacting him untill you get a reply of some sort, failing that there is the dispute console and if you paid by paypal you might be able to claim a refund. If you do send the item back for a replacement or refund make sure it is recorded post so there are no problems with the item getting lost in the post (it does happen). So far i have had four returns of kit, three settled amicably and the fourth was lost because he didn't send it recorded (not naming names but he is part of the oxymoron corps). I wont ask the sellers ID as i know its not me. http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Field-Gear-First
if you payed by paypal you can open a dispute within 45 days of paying and reclaim your money, you then have a futher 20 days to escalate the dipute, if the seller hasnt contacted you he probably knows this and is hoping you will go away and not open a dispute within the time limit. 9/10 times you will get a refund as paypal leans heavily on the side of the buyer.

that being said it's not his fault the boots packed up so be polite.

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