Who makes MTP fabric?

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Effendi, Nov 16, 2010.

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  1. I am trying to find out who makes the MTP fabric. Not the uniforms, they are made by Cooneen Watts & Stone in the Province. I need the people with the weaving looms who produce the fabric.

    Why? I have a mate in Euroland who's unit has tried and dismissed Crye multicam. I pointed out that MTP is probably more military compliant than multicam so he asked me to find out who makes it so that they can buy a roll to get some of their stuff made up for trialling.

    So far: Spoken to the office numpty at Crye in New York..........who was very happy to tell me all about the nice stuff they make on contract that ends up with "Them". Sadly though the numpty could not tell me who makes MTP fabric. I have also called and emailed Cooneen Watts & Stone........still waiting.

    If anyone know who makes the MTP fabric or if they can point me at the right department in the MOD so I can phone them it would be appreciated.

    It was sooooo much easier when SCREDE used to deal with all kit designs, showing my age.

    Cheers in advance for help.
  2. Try getting your mate to talk to the MOD:

    DIPR Licence Section

    I think it's at Abbey Wood in Bristol

    Good luck.
  3. There seems to be serveral different types / weights of fabric. The windproof stuff, the bergan covers and the lightweights material (which is shi'ite!). Might be several manufacturers ............

  4. I think it would be better if your mates unit got their government to make an official request.
    No fabric manufacturer will be allowed to sell to anyone who does not have official permission. The MOD has the whole thing tied up very tight in contracts.
  5. I'm interested in why your mate didn't think Multicam was up to the job as it's VERY similar pattern?

    If it's the physical properties then we would be again interested in hearing your views?

    I know people joke about "them" but "they" do use it as do alot of Britfor and they are more than happy with it (well they keep asking for it!)

    As for getting the MOD to give you access to MTP.... When they are currently prosecuting people for selling MTP kit in boot sales to protect their investment, I wouldn't hold my breath.

    As said, Multicam I believe is a decent alternative at the moment.
  6. Total agreement with BB here.
    For example; if I was to get hold of a roll of Cordura and make up a set of pouches I cannot sell them. I certainly cannot advertise them. Since the fabrics are almost identical it would be a great deal easier to use Multicam.
    The MOD has the whole thing tied up tight legally. Get him to make it official or it won't happen.
  7. Has anything other than clothing and the daysack been made in MTP ?

  8. Like, Osprey covers, pouches, helmet covers etc?
  9. All items that were being made in DPM are now transferring to MTP so a lot more than clothing and daysacks.

    We have had several nations inquiring about can they buy MTP. The answer remains no. Not only is this restricted as part of the terms of the license with Crye, but the UK MOD is also not going to see its investment in procuring a unique product/design undermined.

    If your friends wanted their own bespoke design then they should contact Crye, or they could buy Multicam, or try a do-it-yourself version (but watch out because there are various IPR pooh-traps in there so don't try and copy MTP/Multicam).
  10. Who makes MTP fabric?

    Small Chinese children in some back street sweat shop I should think....
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  11. At the risk of national embarrassment I can't say where said mate comes from. However, I have it independently from two individuals in that country that the SF will not use MC because they are not happy with the IR capability. For the time being they are staying with their own national camo.

    They are not "New Europeans" and they do have a substantial budget for SF toys. When I was told the second time that they are not using MC I asked if they had tried MTP. Foot in mouth, I was tasked with blagging a roll so that they could get some samples made to have a play with.

    After what you gents have told me it looks like it will have to be official from the start. So I will pass it on that one MOD will have to speak with another MOD.

    Interesting that people are being prosecuted for selling MTP. If the design belongs to the MOD it would follow that any kit made in MTP belongs to and was issued by the MOD. So technically it is theft.

    I live in Spamland at the moment and I have seen the gear that the SEAL's are wearing here. The pattern they are using is called AOR1, for arid climates, AOR2 for temperate climates. The original gear goes for a fortune on ebay, I was shown a pair of used smelly AOR1 trousers being sold for $2000.00 and used knacked ammo pouches go for $100 +. The point I am getting to is that manufacturers here are not allowed to sell the AOR pattern gear for general consumption. So, there must have been decisioning at higher levels to restrict the sales of newer pattern camo gear both in the US and the UK.
  12. There's nothing wrong with the IRR of Genuine Multicam:
    The Dark stripe is non IRR webbing.

    It can't be that bad as our SF use it.
    IRR IS vital. Don't for a second think that the opposition don't have the ability; at least some of the time.
    AOR is yet another "Wonder Digital"
  13. European Army surplus are selling MTP Smocks and trousers for wholesale how are they getting away with it?

    EAS - UK Type Field Combat Smock JAUK401-NV-MU
  14. As I'm sure Gearspotter will mention "Multicammo type fabric" is not MTP.
    It may not be Multicam.
  15. CADPAT is owned by the Canadian Govt. No selling on of it is allowed. Even where the Govt slipped up and let some out to a surplus dealer, they then followed up and removed it and had it shredded - at cost to the dealer. Anyone caught wearing the genuine issue kit is liable to be prosecuted. But then again, Frontenac - who make the issue kit - make stuff for public sale so how you can tell which is permitted and which isn't, is beyond me. Maybe one of the Canucks on here can comfirm this ??

    A bit like DPM back in the 70's to stop it getting into the hands of those lovely Oirish boyos......... that didn't last too long though IIRC.