Who makes a better ASM

Discussion in 'REME' started by Madtyke, May 12, 2010.

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  1. I've been out for some time but I've always wondered who makes a better ASM, Vehicles, Tels or Weapons?

    Having come through the black hand gang my ASM's were always vehicles but we did have AQMS Tels and Wpns.

    Also who progresses quicker through the tiffy route to ASM Techs or Vehicles.
  2. So....why are you pondering such bone questions? Get a life.
  3. Nah, Homebrand Tiffys are much nicer, and cheaper than Mr Kipling's ones.
  4. But mr kipling's are exceedingly good !!
  5. I think they are saying that the question is bollox, which it is.
  6. Sorry if being out for some time bars one from having a ******* opinion or asking questions that relate to the Corp. but now I remember why it was better to be an attached arm with a Regiment rather than bundled together in a workshop. Put too many Reems together and it becomes incestuous.
  7. Was that your teddy..........

    I never served in a Workshop.
  8. To be fair to MadTyke, I think he was just trying to start a topic on something that could be half-decent. I've seen many topics that are a lot more bone than this one, give the guy a break!

    I've served in loads of Workshops (being ex-Tels) and only the one 1st-Line post (as MDSS), so I've had mainly Tech (not always Tels) ASM's. I think it depends on the ASM rather than the trade personally, although after serving in Tri-Service environments, it's just good having REME input somewhere up the chain!
  9. But was he wearing a poppy?
  10. Bit of a no brainer in my opinion, has to be a VM every time ;-) Let the biting begin !!!!!!

  11. Been out way too long mate, you've even forgotten how to spell Corps :policeflat:

    Now, what was the question again?

  12. No sh1t sherlock....

    Thats why I said "the question is bollox"
  13. Wasn't he DGES(A) back then?

    (back when chicken tasted like chicken)
  14. carlsberg make the best!