Who killed the AMS?

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Filbert Fox, Mar 4, 2005.

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  1. Who was responsible for DCS 15 and the closure of the military hospitals and subsequently the death of the AMS?

    or do you think I'm talking shite? (wouldnt be the first time!!)
  2. T'was the conservative government who initiated that pile of crape :roll:

    And you still talk the brown stuff that I test on a too frequent basis :wink:
  3. Oi, stop blaming my mum Thatcher!!
    I blame some kind of medicy type person who probably got a MBE for it!!

    The closure of the Military hospital has led to todays males of the AMS being preoccupied with Playstations and X-Boxes and has led to the skills of nailing QAs to be sadly lost.
    DL, theres only a few of us proper men left, yet the grey mafia continues to grow, and they are not being satisfied by the sad specimens that are being churned out these days!!
  4. MH closures

    1/ Crape ?? (D-L)

    2/ Individuals such as D-L have lost a convenient outlet for their unnatural desires...... the streets are less safe for women, hamsters and pretty men.

    3/ Ginsters pasties never taste the same.

    4/ Did anyone find my Ski boots I left behind when BMH Iserlohn closed?
  5. Apathy was also to blame, along with senior clinicians more interested in feathering nests, I did answer one consultant during a days work when asked what would stop the rot I said, blasphemously, that a return to a military hospital would be ideal, reply I would have to leave my private practice for that. :)
  6. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    PM me and I have names, places, memos, and other evidnece. All to be released in my Memoires: "Ventress, the early years" followed by Vol 2-"Dui-Lai, my part in his Downfall."
  7. What a welcome thought that would be - a military unit where I could practice my nursing and be in a chain of command that was recognisable. Officers with the responsibilities of leadership, SNCO's with the responsibilities of actually making sure the work was actually done and keeping the Rodneys in check and the rest actually doing it. Unit cohesion, esprit de corps and QA nailing. Sport on a Wednesday afternoon and actually knowing who else was in the unit. Military training, ward/unit p*ss ups and PT. The military that I used to know.

    I wonder if it would be possible to fcuk all the MDHU's off and have one military hospital where we all work (close to a bupa so the consultants don't all leave). Perhaps I am just talking out of my arrse.
  8. Would be fantastic, just like the old days. But would need more than one hospital, otherwise there would be no one to beat at sports!!! :D

  9. The question that springs to mind is :

    Was the closure of the military hospitals a financial cost cutting exercise or was there really no need for them on the scale that we had ?

    Should we have just reduced in numbers or size ? :roll:
  10. We had a few arguements about the true reasons a few months past and it still remains true, it was purely fiscal demands to cull the Defence bill. Military hospitals were centres of excellence, which treated a vast amount of civilians. They produced excellent practitioners of what-ever profession that the NHS and the MDHU system will never ba able to repeat. If the powers that be want to see an increase in recruiting, retention and a rise in moral, bring back the Military Hospital.

    They tried to steamline it down to one Military Hospital, Haslar but that was purely so they could close it at a later date with limited, or so they hoped, fuss. I mean question the reason for saving a Hospital that is so isolated from the vast majority of troops/airmen and sailors in the UK? Apart from the fact that it was Princess Royals hubby who did they review?

    So where does it go from here?
  11. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Dreamily looking skyward! The good old days.
  12. Gone but not forgotten :wink:
  13. I see the popular issue of reopening the Military Hospital has come up - I agree, but a few facts (or at least random memories!!) may help inform the discussion

    The Original DCS 15 Study was led by a retired MOD Civil Servant with no experience of health care.

    There were no health professionals on the team.

    None of the military members had held senior appointments on any operation (Falklands, first Gulf War) where they may have had to take responsibility for casualties.

    The aim of the Defence Cost Studies were to save money - (My one overtly political point… to pay for Tory tax cuts shortly before a general election).


    At the time, the NHS believed “big is best” and were moving towards large multi-speciality hospitals (1000 beds+) to optimise training and the availability of specialist care.

    The medical Royal Colleges (and other professional bodies) believed it would not be possible to continue training in small “cottage hospitals” of the sort we had in the forces.

    The largest and newest service hospital - Woolwich - was in the wrong place for most service personnel.

    The CMH at Aldershot had reached the end of is life - and was full of asbestos!

    Although over 100 years older than the CMH, Haslar was in better condition.

    The RN exaggerated the workload at Haslar to get us all to go there.

    None of the single Services ever really wholeheartedly embraced the idea of Haslar as a military "centre of excellence".

    But today….

    The NHS has now moved away from “big is best” and believe there is a place for smaller community hospitals.

    The Medical Royal Colleges have now questioned their previous assumption about where training can and cannot be conducted.

    Each the proposed 'super garrisons' of the future MAY require some form of military Secondary Care facility.
  14. So the circle may be completed with a new military hospital?
  15. With this tight chancellor in charge.....not bloody likely :roll: