Who killed Jill Dando?


Cuddles said:
We had a recruit who was slightly below average on everything but not so you could say "Bin him." He was quite quiet and didn't muck in, always sat by himself. He broke an ankle on a confidence course and I sent his TC to pack up his kit to be taken to the TAC. TC came running back, shock written large on her truly beautiful face and clutching an exercise book.

Every page had a picture of a naked woman stuck on it. Nowt wrong with that I hear you say. Yes the real problem was the sword drawn in black marker pen transfixing each woman's lady bits, accompanied by rude words and descriptions of the injury in red biro.

Shame about the broken ankle...thank feck we found the book.

Can I have that book back now? Or I'll have to do what the voices tell me!
Friendly_Fire said:
walt_of_the_walts said:
msr said:
Dando killer jailed for life

"He had learned about weapons after enlisting in the Territorial Army, and had also spent time at a local pistol club."



If you think HE did it. I don't.

Nevertheless, he has been "banged up" for it, making your assertion incorrect.


Ehh? So is that's okay then. The real killer is still at large, but as long as someone else serves the sentence, then thats alright? Proxy sentence serving? Is that a new HO initiative?

But actually, in the particular case of Bulsara/George, any country with a sane, rational sentencing policy would have him banged up anyway, as he is a danger to women, but is he a killer? I Don't know.

He did not have an obsession with Dando. That was a media invention

No murder weapon has been found

No DNA evidence links him to the scene.

Forensic evidence is doubtful, and the speck of firearms residue could have been down to the BF gun he owned or lab contamination. If he had shot her point blank he would have been covered with firearms residue, wouldnt he?

He's a nutter, who enjoyed the notoriety, and the case against him is circumstantial at best. He must have been a Godsend for the coppers investigating this case. A nutter who lives round the corner from the victim? Saves them going after after that 'Serbian gunmen' who might be a bit tasty with a shooter. After all they want to pick up their pensions at the end of it all!

If he did do it, we have yet to see the evidence.


polar69 said:
walt_of_the_walts said:
If he did do it, we have yet to see the evidence.

Big * off stiff body not enough for you ?
That is nothing more than a dead body, there is no evidence linking him to the crime in fact there is more evidence proving his innocence than guilt. Continuous fitting people to crimes doesnt work and smacks of filling targets which does justice to no one least of all the victim and her family. I think this will end in a high court with compensation whilst whoever the real killer was is long gone. yes he was a walt and possibly a danger to "society" but he didnt commit the crime and we will all look damn silly when he is released.
To be honest the police/media/public appeal for forensic help was poor and badly handled. It demonstrated a lack of knowledge and poor understanding! Not the first time I have encountered this either.
Hows about you start your own Jill Dando thread and leave the strange recruits thread to the stories about strange recruits?



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walt_of_the_walts said:
Ehh? So is that's okay then. The real killer is still at large, but as long as someone else serves the sentence, then thats alright? Proxy sentence serving? Is that a new HO initiative?


You said:

walt_of_the_walts said:
No one has been banged up for killing Dando IMO :pissedoff:

And I am merely pointing out that someone has. I am not expressing an opinion on the strength or merits of the conviction, not least because I don't have an opinion on it.

Nonetheless, someone has been "banged up", rightly or wrongly, for killing Jill Dando, making your assertion incorrect.



Scaramouche, Scaramouche- did he kill the Jill Dando??
In answer to the threads question. It wasn't me.

The proof....there was no semen found at the scene.
clownbasher said:
Never mind Jill Dando... what about Jan Dildo?

I reckon it was someone off Crimewatch

Possibly. But I was never on Crimewatch.............

Firstly, her defence - Mike Mansfield. Brilliant man with tremendous ability to introduce things likely to lead to reasonable doubt. The suggestion re a political motive is a fine example. Unless and until there is a established connection, all the stuff about a possible Serbian involvement is just column filler. There are many facets of her life that might attract some form of violent dissent - and that is just from the sensible people well before one considers the nutters and otherwise unbalanced.
There are surely miscarriages of justice. What we have here is a body of opinion saying 'I think the bloke is innocent' and then going on to suggest that someone else did it as a more likely alternative. Just read through and change Serbian for Man in Moon and one gets a "case". Just like saying "I think a ginger haired bloke did it. Becaused we know what gingers are capable of"
It wasn't me...

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