Who killed Dag ?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by saladin, Sep 18, 2011.

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  1. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    I thought it was another pikey thread.
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  2. No fan of conspiracies either, you tend to go round and round in circles with a fruit loop.

    I believe that it was an accident. Final approach at night into a poorly lit airfield has all the makings of such an accident surely?

    I think some 188 year old illiterate bushman was interviewed some time after the crash, and he seems to have heard another aircraft in the area. Um yeah. OK.
  3. Americans, probably; possibly with British assistance. But anyone sensible would recognise that it is not black and white, more grey and grey, and the truth won't come out in our lifetimes, if ever. There are too many elderly fruit cakes clouding the waters by claiming involvement for interview payments.

    The 'alternative theories' bit on Wikipedia should indicate that it all sounds more fishy that your average tin-foil hattist conspiracy. Most of the sensible people with knowledge of the crash think it was suspect and Lumumba's demise, with the assistance of the main suspects, should indicate they weren't standing idly in the background.
  4. It's one of those cases that sadly we will probably never know the truth.

    It would be nice to know out of the many hundreds of similar conspiracy theories that have existed, which were phantom and which were real.

    Sadly, that best selling book of factual truth can never be published.
  5. I firmly believe that there was a conspiracy. It simply cannot be coincidence that a large proportion of these people have names that you couldn't invent with a random name generator:

    [h=4]Kofi A. Annan[/h][h=4]Boutros Boutros-Ghali[/h][h=4]U Thant[/h][h=4]Trygve Lie[/h]
    To name but a few. And it isn't just the UN

    There is also Jaap the bloody Hoop of NATO

    Nope there is definitely something sinister going on.
  6. Well I would reckon any sane, reasonably intelligent person should be able to recognise that at least 98% of them are complete bullshit. Of course that rules out most people on earth, or at least on the internet.
  7. I would not agree with your 98% calculation ...... More like 70% Phantom 30% True.

    Remember, conspiracies have happened in the past without any doubt whatsoever, and still will continue to happen. Why should they not?

    Bit like saying .... Corruption, cover ups and other bent characters in society do not exist ..... Until they are detected and caught that is.
  8. Not denying that I just happen to believe the vast majority of conspiracy theories have very little if any validity.

    Not really the same criminals including those who give or take bribes etc are convicted all the time and even if they aren't some evidence against them is often uncovered. Generally I would the more low-level and more banal a conspiracy is the more true it is. No grand plans behind everything etc. Cock-ups are a lot more common than conspiracies.
  9. Well, you say that....., but the powers that be are well known to use stealth and guile and not to mention smoke and mirrors, although smoke is now subject to restrictions under EU HSE rules and anyone who comments on such matters is liable to suddenly disa
  10. No further insights but my folks used to live in zambia - Dad worked on a copper mine in kitwe and we lived there 20 odd years.
    I was sent to a school in the UK so from 8 years to 19 so used to fly from Ndola to the uk.
    As family we often used stop off to for a picnic by the memorial on the way to ndola when as it was off the beaten track and well looked after. The memorial is about a 20 min drive from the airport

    Wasnt allways able to do it as towards the end of our stay there (92) the locals started to car jack folk on the road.