Who killed Bin Laden ???

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by tuffy52, Mar 25, 2013.

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  1. Before I read the post I was going to write "God - via kidney failure - five years ago."

    Guess I am feeling pretty smug now.
  2. I am Spartacus
  3. I'm Spartacus.....
  4. My one thought would be this.

    We are being told that, to claim OBL's death, although he was, indeed, already dead, the US had two options.

    1. Send a team of SEALs into Pakistan, without telling the Pakistanis. Lose a stealth helicopter which the outside world had no inkling of. Leave the Pakistani government, on a scale of 1 to 10 - where 10 is 'highly ticked off with supposed ally' - scoring somewhere in the region of 36.


    2. While still annoying the Pakistanis a bit, deliver somewhere in the region of half a dozen JDAM from a B-2, wiping out the compound.

    Because 2 - the frankly, what's the phrase I'm looking for, oh yes - the frankly much f***ing simpler option with a guaranteed 100% success rate because (apparently) OBL is already dead and therefore can't issue a video saying 'ha - hah, missed me' in a Nelson Muntz-esque fashion - does seem to be the best option somehow.

    And the source is Pravda - a newspaper which would've fallen foul of the trades descriptions act decades ago, never mind in the paranoid 'the Americans can't really have done....' era that the Russian media seems to live these days.
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  5. Who cares? The fact is, he was became an ineffective leader and was just a propaganda tool. By the time he was allegedly slotted the objectives in Afghanistan had changed upteen times and his killing/death had little effect.
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  6. Actually Jim Shortt and the LOF did it, they just let the Americans take the credit to avoid having to deal with the large number of soiled knickers that would otherwise be thrown their way...
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  7. Usual paranoid drivel built on a bit of walting.
  8. A 'google' of the so-called ex CIA chappy's name brings up a mass of the same blurb going back to a couple of days after OBL was forcefully separated from his porn collection by sailors. Most of the web addresses are of the;
    tinfoil.com variety.

    Yer man is an ex CIA agent because he says so or is he beefing up 'paid informant' to Bondesque proportions? Someone mention "Walting".
  9. and so's my wife !
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  10. Can we merge these threads please?

    Were the Moon Landings faked?
  11. Why?
    Are you a Walt too?
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  12. You do come out with tripe sometimes... Tropper did it, after all he invented him but his sock puppet was taking on an identity all of his own and Tropper was no longer in control.