Who is wrong? And possible route of action.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by wi11, Jan 10, 2008.

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  1. Today I went into a high-street newsagents, I attempted to buy a target shooting magazine, I was asked if i had any ID to prove that I was over 18, as I am 16 I do not, and on inquiry as to why i was told that "you have to be over 18 to buy gun magazines", but this is the first time that i have ever heard this, and I was particularly bemused as I had purchased the exact magazine 2 days previous from the same cashier, (I lost the magazine and hadn't finished it), so why would I only have to be 16 to buy a pornography magazine?

    The other reason that I find it hard to believe that this is the case is that in my county you only have to be 14 to OWN a firearm, and this is a collection of paper and ink?
  2. My son was stopped getting a comic a couple of months back (hes 7) so i bought if for him. so its notyou its the pc anal police
  3. Move back to your country and you can purchase as many copies of it as you want.... Are you a SEPTIC :?
  4. I refer you to your own quote "in my own county...and no I am not a septic...British through and through
  5. He said county not country :p

    And anyway.. god knows.. stupid that you have to be 18 I think to have a BB gun too. And you can own the real deal at a younger age.
  6. great britain....not.
  7. I mis-read that as country and was about to give out an ethereal spanking as well.........

    I'm not gonna go and google this but, what does the cover say? There will be an age limit on it somewhere and is it really 16 for porn mags? Thought all porn, even top-shelf stuff (but not 'Lads Mags' like Loaded and the like)was 18?

    Still, I'm usually wrong..........
  8. Cover mentions no age limit, only price and issue date. Yes as far as far as I am aware it is...stumbled on it when googling the matter my self (shooting magazine not porno)

  9. Simple solution is to fire bomb the shop then find out where the cashier lives and summarily execute all his or her family starting with pets.

    The shop can choose to sell you what they want but the excuse that you were too young to buy it sounds like a load of bollox. Next time youre in the shop, ask the cashier where they got the information from and if they can show it to you. If they dont/cant/wont, go for my original idea. ;)
  10. Re-read and saw you put county so sorry, what idiots let young teenagers run round with weapons at 14 FFS.
  11. Or you can be 6 ft 5. and look 18 ;)
  12. I intend to go to the shop tomorrow during my lunch (making me miss my lunch!!!!) and confront the manager/supervisor about it
  13. This is absolute nonsense!

    Was this a "local shop" or a national chain?

    I think a name & shame is in order here...

    (Apparantly the latest advice to junior schools is NOT to stop little boys having toy guns..)

  14. Good on you. Not trying to teach you to suck eggs but be polite and respectful and dont come across as a terryfuckwit. You never know, it may educate the shop if there is no such law. But remember, it is up to the shop if they want to sell it to you or not. If they choose not to, tough, go elsewhere. If they start gobbing off, just slash them up with uncle stanley. ;)
  15. National chain...probably the biggest national newsagents