Who is worse? Bliar or Browny?

Who would you vote against?

  • Gordy Burntout

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  • Tarnished Bliar

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:x They are both Anti British, Anti Service lying scumbags, there should have been a third option, they are as bad as each other! Cnuts! :x


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The_Goon said:
I wouldn't have either of them, they're both balls. Neither should ever be allowed to run an ice cream stand, let alone a country.
I would'nt even let them loose on an Ice Cream stand, a poorly made '99' with 'hundreds and thousands' is well just not on.

Thers's a skill to filling the cone with ice cream (enough to fill the cone, but not too much so it pours everywhere when eating) and as for getting the flake set at the right jaunty angle..... and we wont even go into the skilled application of the 'hundreds and thousands' it's not just scoop and throw ya knows....

Does any one actually think that pair of baffons have the right skills to run an Ice Cream Stand? they can't even run a country properly without screwing it up ffs.......

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