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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by Murielson, Nov 29, 2004.

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  1. How can someone be be Hidden in the Who is where area? Example repro'd below.

    Are these mods or what?

    Who Is Where:
    ·Bearing_Picket > Forums
    ·Biscuits_Brown > Forums
    ·Cutaway > coppermine
    ·Little Jack H > Forums
    ·Murielson > Home
    ·Ord_Sgt > Private_Messages
    ·Scarlett > Forums
    ·tomahawk6 > Forums
    Hidden: 2
  2. your account / change info / show online status = "no" :roll:

    Should I prepare for Whaaa? :wink:
  3. The "Whaaa?" is coming from me now... Come Again Please.. Step by Step :p :roll:
  4. yeah, sorry, missed last stage:

    1) go to your account
    2) click on change info
    3) scroll down to "show online status" and select "no"
    4) scroll down and click on "save changes"

    Sorry, figured if you'd got as far as switching it on, you'd have worked that one out :)
  5. Many thanks, Didn't realise there was an SF option. Surely for spooks use only?
  6. Double tap - oops :!:
  7. surely SF stands for special forces?

  8. SF is indeed special forces pops and that is my point. SF may wish to be on the site in a hidden mode 8)
  9. also a good way for big timers to hide out, but if youre that scared of people knowing who you are, dont say anything to give it away :roll:
    not everyone has the capability of knowing how to find your IP addy, even if they did, youd only be sussed if like my IP, it tells you the company that youre working for, but if you were that worried, surely you wouldnt be using that PC!!
  10. A bit like BBC then
  11. All good points Filbert, and in a long and varied career in the Army I have yet to meet anyone who was so secret that they had to deny their own existence whilst simultaneously contributing to an unclassified online discussion forum. No doubt such people do exist, but if I find out about them they will kill me. :D
  12. yep, its best to stay blissfully unaware :D
  13. Not SF...only queers, Jurno's and kiddie fiddlers hide their ID on here.