Who is tne most pointless 'Z' list celebrity?


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OK I'm curious - who is the most pointless 'Z' list celebrity? Who has managed to make a career out of the least talent? Who has managed to hog the most column inches despite being a charisma free zone?

I'll start the ball rolling with two nominations: that 'celebrity' couple: Chantelle Houghton and Alex Reid.

Chantelle Houghton got famous by pretending to be famous on Big Brother and has continued to pretend to be famous for a career. Her TV career seems to have consisted of being a guest on shows such as the Weakest Link, while her modelling career seems to have been restricted to getting her tits out in lad's mags. I only wish Max Cliffords' comment on her future career after her Big Brother win applied: "I think it will be a very exciting five or 10 minutes. Maybe we can stretch it to 15."

Alex Reid is a cage fighter who doesn't seem to have won very much. In his first period of being a cage fighter, he managed to loose six of nine bouts. He then managed to get involved with plastic titted Jordan, who promptly outed him as a transvestite. He then managed to get more famous by winning Celebrity Big Brother (by being less of a cnut than the other inmates) before being dumped by Jordan because he wasn't getting enough column inches. He then got involved with fellow 'Z' lister Houghton, generating further column inches.

So what have these two waste of spaces (piccies below) done to deserve all the fame and publicity? Fcuked if I know.

alexreiddrag.jpg Houghton.jpg

Further nominations welcome.

any of the fuckwits from Geordie shore of the only way is eric or what ever the fuck its called. Jodie marsh is pretty pointless now she's stop letting the twin have some air.
Is it too late to nominate Jade Goody
Without being too presumptious, end of thread, surely?


They'd look alright with a good haircut, look like brothers, who are they?

Last year one won Mastermind and the other one was runner up.
Two very bright young fellows.
To misquote Cecil Rhodes;

'You are a Z lister, and consequently have won the consolation prize of the soiled nappy of life.'

Sad to say these people make a lot of money on the grounds of being famous. Little wonder that the other chavs expect their turn in the sun.

For myself, I was heartbroken when Amy Whinehouse snuffed it. Her and Diana. If Russel Brand turns his toes up, my misery will be complete, and I can go back to being happy

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to be fair to the paris hilton lookalike she did get her tits out and admits to being a dim as a 3 watt bulb


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Last year one won Mastermind and the other one was runner up.
Two very bright young fellows.
Cruel, very cruel.
The annoying thing is that these talentless waste of spaces get paid large sums for doing fuck all, and that encourages them. I blame it all on shit newspapers and crap magazines for continueing to give them publicity. Twats everyone of them........................and breathe

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