Who is this?

Ive not owned a telly for four years, and my interest in the world of celebrity has never been especially large. Thus, I have no idea who the rather pert and raggable young starlet is in these pictures is. A friend has emailed them to me knowing my tastes and is now withholding all information. B*stard.
Please enlighten me before i explode.


She's been done before and well done.

I'm still in the queue though.
No idea, but she's the second hottest chick I've ever seen (after the future Mrs DMTW, obviously).
Married? Bugger.
Why are all the well-proportioned and lovely brunettes always taken.
About time, the suspense was killing me.

She wears the mike on the other side.

In fact I'm going to keep a sharp eye on Mike.
Which is perfect as I wear my sharp eye in the middle.

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