Who is this?

Not the brightest tool in the box is he!
Sad Sad Sad You think he would have looked at what he was doing with his pics. I always do
Candidate for removal from the gene pool you would have to say.

i think a bit of naming and shaming would'nt go a miss either.

"Why you kicka my dog and call him fuc* off?"
Always good to see the "Honest Dave, would you buy a car from this man" style advert, novel approach to Ebay sales................

(No offence to any Honest Dave's out there)
Well, it gave me a good laugh! What are they comissioning these days?
he's definately an officer, look at the way it's parked, thought at first it was my wifes parking :D :D
I think he is over 50 from the South of the country and attended pqo part 1a in Strensall in 2005. He ( if its him ) failed to complete the course. However, I may be mistaken.......

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