Who is the worst Foreign Secretary ever?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Weissbier, Dec 20, 2006.

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  1. Following the comments on Margaret Beckett's performance this morning :cry: , I thought it would be worth considering her place in history compared with others who have held the same seals of office.
  2. Douglas Hurd was pretty shite, looking at how badly Bosnia was fumbled.

    But That daft caravanning bint is here now. BURN HER!
  3. Ken dod is the worst foreign secretary.

    He doesnt apopear to write policy, communicate with anyone else, Inb fact Im fairly sure he is solely trusted to lick envelopes and stamps for the letters and communiques that Blair writes.
  4. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Walked past Douglas Hurd the other day, one of my friends was at Uni with his niece along with other prominent Tory families, so I will diplomatically say nothing.

    I think without doubt the worst Foreign Secretary whose agenda we are directly paying for today vis a vis the Levant during and post WWI (even tho' he wasn't FS after 1919) has got to be Balfour...I bet it was he that got the Cairo Office to feed the Arabs that line of Bullshit :evil:
  5. Ah, but just look at the list of duffers and lame ducks you have to choose from!

    Aug 1966-Mar 1968
    Brown, George, later Lord George-Brown of Jevington:

    Mar 1968-Jun 1970
    Stewart, Michael, later Lord Stewart of Fulham: became first Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs on 17 Oct 1968.

    Jun 1970-Mar 1974
    Home, 13th Earl of, later Sir Alec Douglas-Home and Lord Home of the Hirsel

    Mar 1974-Apr 1976
    Callaghan, James, later Lord Callaghan of Cardiff:

    Apr 1976-Feb 1977
    Crosland, Anthony:

    Feb 1977-May 1979
    Owen, Dr David, later Baron Owen of the City of Plymouth:

    May 1979-Apr 1982
    Carrington, 6th Baron, Peter Carington:

    Apr 1982-Jun 1983
    Pym, Francis, later Lord Pym of Sand:

    Jun 1983-Jul 1989
    Howe, Sir Geoffrey:

    Jul 1989-Oct 1989
    Major, John:

    Oct 1989-Jul 1995
    Hurd, Douglas, later Lord Hurd of Westwell

    Jul 1995-May 1997
    Rifkind, Malcolm, later Sir

    May 1997-Jun 2001
    Cook, Robin

    Jun 2001-May 2006
    Straw, Jack
  6. Interesting. Home was PM before he held this office whilst Callaghan and Major became PM immediately after their tenure. What price Beckett becoming PM? :crying:
  7. Joachim Von Ribbentrop :)
  8. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Beckett isn't Foreign Secretary...Blair is.
  9. George Brown, the deputy leader of the Labour Party during the 1960s. A noted drunk, George's finest hour came at a London diplomatic reception. As the band struck up the first number, he approached a potential conquest in a long, red velvet dress and asked, "Beautiful lady in scarlet, may I have the next dance?"

    "Certainly not!" came the reply.

    "Why not?" asked George.

    "In the first place you are drunk. "In the second, this is not actually a waltz but the Hungarian national anthem; and, thirdly, I am not a beautiful lady in scarlet, I am, in fact, the Papal Nuncio Archbishop Mancini."

  10. Hats off, Themanwho - but don't forget "Dame" Pauline Neville Jones, BBC governor and purveyor of an efficient, privatised telecoms system (better than Bowman) to Milosevic.

    Um. not a ForSec in person, but part of the Douglas Turd backroom panto nonetheless.
  11. Ah, a man who never protocol get in the way.

    Halfway through speeches at a dinner in honour of the Turkish President, he lurched to his feet and declared:

    “You don’t want to listen to this bullshit – let’s go and have a drink.”
  12. I had a foreign secretary once. Nepalese, she was. Her typing was OK, but her accent made her telephonic communication difficult. Her old man ran a restaurant, so we got cheap Gurkhali curries.

    My current one is from Essex, if that helps.
  13. Probably doesn't help you much, given that fact.
  14. Anthony Eden, so bad at his job they made him PM.