Who is the "STIG"

Now to make this sort of serious ish, Im gonna start with

Stig Blomquist...I think he was an ex world rally champ, but then again, thats to feckin obvious....uurrrmmmmm, Damon Hill?
Sorry it's me. Stig stands for Shoite help 1" girth.
Some people might see it as a cry for help, but I'm just off to pleasure the wife with an extraordinary wide plant pot. Gives her something to moan about anyway.
Nope - it's still me. There is only one Slug.
Just so it narrows it down, i have it on good authority that the Stig was not an F1 driver but did more touring car and all that Le Mans stuff. Other than that, i have no idea who he is.

Ben Collins has also been on the show as himself.

He raced the kid down the off road skateboard track in a rally car & then in the Bowler Wildcat rally monster!!
You're all wrong, The Stig is a guy who was attached to 212 from the Royal Artillery, Grubby alcoholic who used to drink booze out of macdonalds cups from the bin. Pissed by Naafi break he was, daily

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