Who is the shooter?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Mister_Jones, May 22, 2007.

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  1. Who should be the shooter and who should be the observer in a Sniper Pair.?

    I have always thought the more senior Sniper should be the obsever as he has the experence of the skills required for a succesful engagement, and can control his shooter, has anyone a diffrent perspective?
  2. Surely the better sniper should be the shooter? But then again I'm a tankie so what do i know?
  3. Both shooter and spotter are cross trained and are both capable of taking the shot at a target and are both capable of being a spotter for the shooter, so its not really a good question to ask 'Who' when both people in the pair are capable of doing the same job.
  4. When me and my No.2, Cpl D. Blunkett, worked together, he just made the tea.
  5. From watching Enemy at The Gates ... when the man with the gun gets killed the man following him picks up the gun.
  6. "From watching Enemy at The Gates ... when the man with the gun gets killed the man following him picks up the gun."

    WTF! what does that have to do with snipers? I know the film is based on a sniper but the main character ( IN THE FILM ! ) normally works in a pair where they are both armed, one with the scoped mosin - nagant and the other with a PPsh - 41. im talking about the russian army in world war 2 and not about modern day british snipers and MOD cutbacks.
  7. It was on TV so it must be real!
  8. Go on cdt_l/cpl.... inform us all what the army's like!
  9. Is this an ARTY question? :roll:

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  10. Oh your a spotter aswell :D
  11. thanks for you wealth of knowledge l/cpl cadet but you may find the more senior and experencied will act as no2 giving him the control of the situation and enabaling him to give the troops there supporting up to date information and he will also have the responsibilitys of calling arty strikes etc etc .

    ps. if ya want to seem cool don,t have a name like l/cpl cadet it sort of gives the game away
  12. US Army team there are three members...

    Primary shooter is the ranking man (E-5 to E-7 depending on the unit and type of team, lower end in infantry scout platoons and upper end for SF types) and he usually has an M24.

    Spotter is an E-4 to E-6 depending on the same conditions listed above who also has a system... could be a scoped M16A2 or an M21.

    Security is usually a lower enlisted who carries an M203 and doubles as an RTO.

    Yes, depending upon manning their are times when only two man teams conduct business but that third body is a hell of an assett to prevent a team from being compromised. Generally the shooter and spotter are both properly school qualified and the security usually has attended at least the 2 week familiarization/refresher offered at the Division level.
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  15. The 3 man team is something we have only tried on Ops, however we only had the oppertuinty to try this in the Urban.
    How does it compare to Rural operations?
    The third member worked very well, he was employed as an extra obsever in most cases and could also provide us with a little local protection, we found the more experenced the 3rd member was the more scope(excuse the pun) there was to employ him.
    The fact that you have a Fam course for the 3rd member is a execlent, idear and something we could benifit from, i assume the 3rd team member then would go on to your course.

    Do your dedicated teams swap jobs for experence or do they move up the ladder from sniper, to obsever?

    im thinking we are lucky to find ourselves in a position where we have snipers of equal abilitys, so i believe we can mix and match, however, i would idealy like to keep pairs as they are as i believe they would improve their skills if they could concentrate on firing/ observing, which ever the case maybe.