Who is the Royal Signals babe?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Rifle-Green-Sex-Machine, Nov 13, 2005.

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  1. While watching the Remembrance Parade at the Cenotaph on the beeb I noticed that the Royal Signals were part of the Guard of Honour. In particular was a stunner that I didn't expect to see. I think the Royal Signals should get her mug on a recruiting poster sharpish - you would get blokes queuing up at ACIO's all around the country to join!
  2. The cadet with the torch?

    (I'm sure they said she was a cadet anyway)
  3. I think we're talking about the one in ceremonial dress, so probably part of 238?

  4. Jimmy i think the cadet with the torch was at Royal Albert Hall...unless they had several of them.
  5. Ah balls, never read first post properly. :oops:

    Not seen the Cenotaph parade yet, I went to the square for ours.
  6. I wouldnt exactly call her a babe, and you didnt see anything other than her swede ;)
  7. A picture is require me thinks :oops:
  8. i really dont think that she was in the forces!.i reckon that 238 were tasked for some "eye candy"for todays parade and typically for a sigs unit only had "figure 11s" in stock , so the sqms got a temp in!
  9. Talking of remembrance parades - what happened with the one at Blandford? No sounded of the last post or the reveille and the program was hardly followed :(. Oh well we still all remembered those who died for us and that is the main thing that matters.
  10. what about 31 sigs????????????????
  11. If its who im thinking of they were playing twister in the bar last night............
  12. They were part of the Honour Guard at Cenotaph today.
  13. Was a strange parade - was the silence done very early or was it just me? The silence started about five to according to my watch.
  14. You were looking at your watch? You had your watch on? On parade? 8O

    On a different note, anybody got a pic of the "babe" in question, or is she a babe in the sense of the film babe? :cry: