Who is the nicest from BB

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by RobinHood, Aug 2, 2004.

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  1. Is anyone else in love with Michelle? Any women want Jason? And then there is Nadia for the Brave!!!

    We should ask CH4 for a squaddie version of BB. And all the contestants should be married.

    If Stuart doesnt want Michelle when he gets out I ll try her!!
  2. Fcuk off I am a squaddie.... :roll:
  3. sure this started as a BB conversation, :? , seems to have targeted the wrong BB. Any excuse for a slagging match. So back to the original question should we ask Ch4 to have a squaddie version of BB??
  4. NO. Slagging BB / Doris is much more entertaining.
    but not when it's not on topic of thread C_C
  5. Dirt_Diver

    Dirt_Diver LE Moderator

    a squaddie BB? sounds fun. the place would be trashed in an hour though. they'd all get bored

    MB is also right. BB/doris baiting is more fun
  6. Surely it would all go horribly wrong when the last man in grabs devina and we end up with a completely censored hour or so... top shelf quality etc.
  7. davina would love it I'm sure. Besides, like relax all things banned sell well.... there must be a market for squaddie BB. Suspect fists will need bandaging though
  8. Her face isn't that terrible... surely a paper bag is enough?
  9. Never thought of gettin Divina in there!! Can U imagine havin a para and a marine in the same house for a couple of weeks! or then theres the 'top 15% of the Army', We could all watch the R Sigs & the REME slag it out to be the Geekiest.

    I recon the public would love it, Then theres always CAPE

    Better than Bad Lads Army any day!!!!!

    CH4 were ready!!!!!!!
  10. there was a thread on here, but im a lazy fcuker so didnt bother to find it, about tv programes squadised, hows about, faking it, where walters go into the show with the real deal and have to pretend for an hour, that 'they were there'
    got to be good for a laugh, or should that be punch up? :twisted: