Who is the Hardest/most dangerous in the corps

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by is_engr_supremo, Oct 22, 2005.

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  1. :!:

    Who is the hardest/most dangerous person (no names) that you have served with??
  2. I served with a number of RAMC doctors who were very dangerous indeed... :wink:
  3. Well, I would have to say thingy from what a me call it regiment. Do you know him?
  4. Probably an IS cone head let loose with a screwdriver - could bring a whole HQ down with one jab!
  5. You let your coneheads have screwdrivers? That's asking for trouble.
  6. i cant believe that no one is telling us all how hard they are!!
    im not gonna go on about how hard i am but..
    I once tried to gas myself by sticking my head in the oven..
    the friggin bill was £106 !
  7. You're confusing hard with STUPID! Stupid as in this thread. Dumb Cnuts!
  8. The question should be how many times have you been married?

    The one with the most marriages is the hardest ..... or is that stupidist?

  9. None of you are hard. But you are all dangerous.
  10. I'm in the REME and i'm 'well hard'. I don't think there is anyone 'hard' in the sigs; is there?
  11. "Well Hard", you're on the wrong web site mate. Cent Bunt!
  12. chiefs are the most dangerous men in the army
  13. Chiefs?? We got no chiefs, they're in the RAF.

    Now, Chefs are pretty dangerous.
  14. Deadly mate, f*cking deadly.
  15. They're even deadlier when they catch you pissing in a Norgie container of range stew.