Who is the greatest military leader of all time?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Downliners, Oct 7, 2010.

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  1. Downliners

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    To celebrate the launch of Civilization V, all this month Military Times, the military history magazine, is running a debate about who is the greatest leader of all time.

    By voting for your favourite leader of all time you stand to win a copy of Civilization 5 and a bundle of Intel technology to enhance your PC.

    Over the next couple of months renown writers and historians will be explaining who they think is the greatest, and why - and they want you to get involved with the debate.

    So far they have made the case for Augustus Caesar, Otto von Bismarck and Ramesses II, which you can read online Intel « Military Times

    Who do you think is the greatest? Is there anyone missing from the list that should be there? Let us know!
  2. The greatest Military Leader of all time? Mmmmmmmmmm let me think! Oh yes, it is I, Spatacus! :)
  3. Alexander The Great-no contest!
  4. Field Marshal Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington.
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  5. L'Empereur Bonaparte...
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  6. "Damn the fellow! He is a mere pounder after all. .."Field Marshal Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington:-D
  7. Correct, he never lost a battle and had conquered half of the known world by the time he was in his mid twenties. He was also accepted as a Pharoah God - hence Alexandria in Egypt. He had a good horse too!
  8. Julius Caesar.....
  9. Gengis Khan
  10. Lord Horatio Viscount Nelson no question.
  11. Field Marshall William Joseph "Bill" Slim KCB, CB, DSO, MC 1st Viscount Slim.
  12. Good choice.

  13. L'Empereur had 48 victories in his career, more then Alexander the Great, Hannibal, Caesar and Scipio combined, only Sabutai can come close, and Napoleon contended against the strongest armies of his day, Britain, Russia, Prussia and Austria-Hungary, those other generals (except perhaps Scipio)fought less militarily advanced enemies...
  14. The greatest? Playing devils advocate against Slim -He fought in one theatre for 3 years, against an enemy inferior in every material category, far from the greatest in history, merely one of Britian's 4 or 5 actually competant WW2 generals...this may or may not be my personal opinion, but I'd like to see the reasoning behind your nomination!
  15. Genghis Khan. Not only did he unite a host of disparate tribes under his command, he waged a successful war against much better-armed and more heavily-armoured Countries. Alexander started with an impressive fighting force and a title, Khan murdered and butchered his way to the top.