Who is the fittest bird in the Corps?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by biscuits, Jan 13, 2006.

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  1. Casting my mind back to ponder who the fugliest bird was, I remembered a couple of fit ones, so I wondered if anyone else has worked with a chick who hasn't turned their stomach.

    One I met in Kosovo when I was at 4 Bde. She was attached to the Sqn as Fat Les's Rad Op from 1 Div. As I recall, she shared her surname with 007, and was as fit as fook.

    Another was a trainee on a class 3 tech course when I was on my class 1. Can't remember her name, but she (alledgedly) used to be an underware model before she joined up. Saw her out on Telic 1 in Kuwait before the party began, think she was at 21 Sigs. She was playing volleyball, causing whiplash in all the Booties walking past!

    And if MCM Div read ARRSE, why do I never get posted to places that have fit birds? :p
  2. There were a good few in the Commcen in JHQ mid to late 80's. One of which was a staffy in 222 not too long back.
  3. Theres a pair of sisters with that "hello" thing going on for me...
  4. Sarah Ki*&^%^%y yum yum


    (edited for Persec - IS Ski Geek)
  5. we need some pictures
  6. Someone always says that. But do they provide pictures. No. Opsec/Persec means its not the best suggestion either.
  7. bit of black nasty over the eyes and we will never know. I never look above the neck anyway
  8. So let me get this right, no name and face obscured. For a beauty contest. Give me strength....
  9. Would the younger sister happen to out rank the elder? and would they be in 7 sigs?
  10. Yes I am aware of the sisters and the older one (was in 229) is pleasing on the eye and a very competant soldier. I met the younger one briefly on Telic1 and she seems very nice, but given the choice I think I'd have to toss.
  11. The only staffy i know of in 222 was a YofS????
  12. There was another

  13. toss what?
  14. Well exactly. Good spot turbo!
  15. many moons ago (mid 1990s) there used to be a few "fit" looking fillies at 30 sigs! one that sticks to my memory was called paula who seemed to be always wearing chest webbing under her jumper! shame that when she spoke it was a deep northern accent!