Who is the female presenter?

Found this vid on youtube, had totally forgotten about the band (We've Got A Fuzzbox), and never knew they had started in 1985 - I was posted to BAOR in Feb 85, so only had the SSVC sanitized experience ;-)

We've Got A Fuzzbox and We're Gonna Use It - Rules and Regulations - YouTube

Anyway, who is the female presenter? I'd swear it is Charlotte Bellamy ('Laurel' in Emmerdale) - it sounds just like her, looks like her - except this video must date from 1986, and Ms Bellamy would have been 13 then.

Michaela Strachan? She was co-presenting something with Timmy Mallet during that time (Wacaday or summat, on saturday mornings). Maybe... except a picture of her and Mallet in 1988 looks wholly different. Her face is much thinner, too.

Any idea of the show, and male presenter? Its bugging me now!

The drummer, Tina O'Neil, has a cheeky grin at 1:10 that takes me right back to my youth.

Youtube doing what it does, and throwing up other vids, up popped BowWowWow. When they were charting, 1981/2ish, I didn't realise that Annabelle Lewin was 6 weeks younger than me; in Jan 1982 when they released Go Wild In The Country she was 15, and only 14 when she signed to the band.

Not surprised her mother flipped when she appeared naked on the single cover a bit later!

Anyway, is it "Laurel" or someone else?!
Doesn't look like or sound like Laurel at all. Are you blind and deaf?
not the last time I checked, though I am tone deaf.

At 20 secs in it sounds just like 'Laurel' speaking... and does look like a younger version - a neighbour concurs

No matter - still want to know who it is, its bugging me!
It Is Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy) - listen to the voice !!!

And I reckon it was Belle that mangled Cain
"Against" it being Charlotte Bellamy, is there is absolutely no mention of hosting a childrens TV show in the 80's. The first TV appearance listed is 1996.

But I'm sure it is - the brief section at 0:20 is freakily like her, in the same way as she said "Oh its just Marlon calling about the cooking book, Ashley". (or similar). Which then leads to - what was the TV show?
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