Who is the criminal

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by cbgramc, Feb 10, 2008.

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  1. I have just been called for jury duty (first time since I got out 5 years ago) so took the form to work got "special leave" and was told that i could loss wages as i would have to claim pay back through court. Got grief form boss as he would have to arrange cover for my shift, and arrange overtime cover from our other shift. As I said I work shifts so I'm on Fri , Sat and Sun meant to be on Monday then off for 4 days, so cover arranged guy coming in to cover Monday shift I called the court Friday after 18:00 as per instructions to hear recorded message that i am not required Monday but call again after 18:00 Monday for update.

    So now my work will be paying overtime and I will still have to go to work as the court don't pay if you don't attend, If I attend court on Tuesday it is my day off so my work don't pay you on your day off so I will only get travel cost. I will have done 44 hours I could be in court Tues, Wed, Thurs and Fri and back to work Sat for my next 4 shifts.

    Who is the criminal I have been f@cked about at work, it could be a shop lifter who has never worked in their life. i will have worked 44 hours court possible 32 hours at court then another 44 hours at work 120 hours on the trot they will probably get 50 hours community service what a F@CKING joke, the court send you a letter saying if you do not attend you are liable for prosecution. as i asked who is the criminal
  2. You don't even get a full days pay these days, one of the lads where I work got jiffed for jury service and to have served on the jury would have meant a paycut for him, he too was fecked about on making phonecalls to see if he was required the following day. the whole thing was a nightmare as we work shifts as well, days, nights, etc.
  3. Yep by the time I get to court god help the poor sod I will be so p1ssed off he could get life for dropping litter!!
  4. Easy solution. Make the juries up from the RN, Army, RAF.

    Sgt Maj as the forman, SSgt as his 2ic, two Sgts, 3 Cpls and 4 LCpls and 1 Pte. or equivalent.

    They get paid anyway, they have a clear idea of values and standards, they can be shipped in from the other end of the country/ops so probably have little contact with the criminal. Er, accused.

    The judge can also hand over the task of sentancing, many of them seem to find it difficult now adays, and take more of a back seat role in precedings. More like a referee.

    Tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime (ie the criminals).
  5. Why would he/she be in Crown Court if he/she was a poor sod. They're a bloody criminal, so nail 'em.
  6. Thanks for giving me a purpose in like. Look out justice system here I come some f@cker is going to get it next week, watch the news for the bigest mistrial in history
  7. Happy to have helped giving you an "unbiased" opinion.
  8. Best thing a motorcycle training course ever gave me, a free get out of jury service pass :D
  9. Does that course count in civvie street, I thought they were non transferable?

  10. The fact that you have been called for jury duty means it will be at crown court. Therefore only serious offences will be heard there. You wont be dealing with a shoplifter. Prob a good old burglary, affray or even a serious one such as a sexual offence.
  11. Sorry should have said Scotland, Sheriff with jury
  12. Does that mean that the sheriff will be wearing a big cowboy, two pistols, cowboy boots and riding a horse into court. That would be a good sight to see I wouldn’t mind jury duty to see that?
  13. Tw@t hows the girl friend?
  14. Ha ha. That was a low one. Its getting a lot better thanks. Thanks to all the advise i got. we've sorted it out and ive sorted her out and i am now getting my poke on.
  15. You should update the thread, as you can see i need a laugh