Who is the better Regiment, 3 or 4 ?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Booming_Through, Dec 24, 2002.

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  1. Theres a war at Wattisham! So lets find out once and fo all????!!!!! ;D
  2. Stepford wives if ever I saw a place. About as much character as a primary school nativity! (Not that we are allowed to video them).

    657 Oakington '80's, 3 Flt 80's till dispandment, 9 Regt early days, 1 Regt Hildesbanana and 5 Regt (correct me if I'm wrong, Chas) all the time. Now they are units that deserve recognition. To discuss the merits of 3 or 4 nowadays would be akin to comparing the two bands that won Pop Stars, The Rivals. Topical but pointless.
    Just my humble opinion you understand.
  3. Aaaaah, 3 Flt!

    You forgot 664 in Minden!

    And before someone sad corrects you, 5 used to be called NI Regt back when it was even better.
  4. Sorry gents but you are all wrong, the answer you are all looking for is 655 Sqn in Ballykelly early 80's. Completely brilliant with people like Steve Martin, Geordie Redshaw, Trev Morgan et all, ah memories.....
  5. Having been to both 3 and 4 they are both crap!
  6. Totally agree with you.  Despondent place anyway, Whatasham.  Agree also with Lord Flashy, 657 at Oakington (with the nurses hospital down the road), 7 Flt in Berlin and early '90's 9 Regt.  If there's a war going on between 3 and 4, let them get on with it.

  7. Never been to 3, spent 7 1/2 years with 4.
    But have to agree with Lord Flasheart and Gunny 657 Oakington early 80's excellent. Which was abit before thier time there.LOL.

    Oh the White Horse, The Black Bull, The Fox (which has been knocked down and a new family pub built where the tesco petrol station was).
    The Fort St George and countless other pubs we used to frequent.
  9. 2 Flt mid 80's for the places visited, not the people and 71 Ac mid 80's to mid 90's for the people not the places.  5 Regt always sucked but then again I was a tourist slave every time I went there :)  

  10. Gulp !!  I know yer name (said in an Belfast accent).  Is this code for joining Military Intelligence Five?  What sort of bell would 657 like?  Bicycle or door bell?
  11. 662 Sqn, Munster late 70's. What a larf!

    All a bit hazey now though, must have been all that Dortmunder Onion!

  12. SE,
    Do you remember Boots from the Fleet Air Arm that was attached to 71 AC?
  13. I remember the name Helmanx :)  Long ago though.  Tall guy with blond hair? Or was he the short guy who did the bar most of the time he was there?  If it was the tall guy, I heard a while back that he passed away?
  14. SE,
    You have stunned me with what you posted :eek: Yes Boots was the tall guy with blonde hair.
    I cant believe he has passed away, he was such a smashing bloke. :(
  15. ........All have a big fight and see  ;D