Who is the better ones in trade

Discussion in 'RLC' started by backpassarge, Mar 18, 2008.

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  1. Now that I change trades i am sort of like wondering what is the best trade to be? I red all the threds about at's and that was what i want to do but now i soon realize that the job is too much of bullshit and cleaning bullets and counting boxes is rubbish so I go petsop. now i find that this trade is shat as well with fat instructors who too hairy and slow to run on pt. i already been a driver 1110 so what i need is some cool job that don send me iraq my friends. i also think one of the staffsergents is a walty as well cos he is a marien and he is well fat too. igonna rtu i think cos fat people makes me sick in my mouth ha ha laghing out loud
  2. Don't do staff clerking - your spelling and grammar are sh1t!

    But this is a wah anyway!

    Edite once for being as bad as he is! :oops:
  3. Try the SAS as the RLC is so bad for you, apparently they are well cool.
  4. ha ha I am fit but not that fit I do pft in 0947 not 0647!!! that was why i wanted at so i could do guchi jobs like that but now i hve gone petsop and i think i regret it badly
  5. Is english your first language?
  6. Borat. Is that you?
  7. I thought that as well but if you check his previous posts it must be a 6 month wah.
  8. I think he might speak fluent wah!
  9. Burger king on Naafi roundabout in the shot are currently recruiting!

    Good Luck
  10. ha ha fones/4/me very funny to lagh at the chefs but some of my friends at 27 RLC were chefs and you not want to upset them i say this to you as a old friend. Are you still trainig the lads and girls good like you used 2? or is it time that you have moved on from that space. i would liked to have been a chef but there is no way i could at the spitting in the soup and stuff like at 27 that were bad cos there were some good lads there like you fones. Do you know who glyn is cos he thinks i am a stacker slacker and i give him a good short sift like the tp sgt would. if you know him now then tell him i ma petsop now but not a fatty like the marien ha ha good to see you fones but dont to annoy them chefs ha ha
  11. Wow, it is true. You is way too clever to be a "petsop" ??? Have you ever thought of trying for the new trade of bell-end mechanic. Seems you are ideally suited........you complete cokc :x

    I must have been a "petsop" for too long
  12. Im sure i have told you to do an Engleesh course!!!
    But judging by the standard of your present Engleesh skills why dont you go Staff Clerk? Im sure you can speak to someone about it?
  13. this thread was supposed two be about which trades is good but all i get is attacks on my english skills off of fatty stacky slacky plasticks marien enginear and slaggins of the chef. You all need to grow up like men and behave now or you get heart problems so when you is a man like me and admit your shortfalls then you two can come back to the threads and dibate like nice people. I no speak till you tell me what is CHSI20. Is it some of your stacky stacks you slacky stacky fatty. ia m only joking wit you ha ha (laughing out loudly):(smiles)ha ha. Are you at bisester or ashcurch? I no some good men there two who are good supplyers. Do you know Archie? he helps me a lot in the early days and showed me this site he helps with typing and computers two. Good man
  14. backpassarge,
    I don't think it has that much to do with your grip on the English language mate, it's more to do with the fact that you are an outright spud. Keep wasting money trying out all the different trades on offer 'til you find one where the people aren't too hairy, don't spit in the soup, aren't fat marines, you won't get sent to Iraq, or one that suits your own individual requirements. After all, you seem like a really nice chap.......you stroker :roll: