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Who is so gorgeous you'd chew their shit.


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After a miserable week in Lanzarote I'm finding myself a bit horny.
I wake thinking I'm Tom Daley's toilet.
I imagine his tight man quim pulsating above my mouth.
Who would you want to be a bidet for?
You but only if you let me ride in your bedford.
Decisions, decisions.



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Taylor Swift.

I do not care what anyone thinks. I would suck the cock of the last guy who got to fuck her.

If the forfeit to fuck her was for me to hack off a finger, I would not think twice (and playing guitar is just about my favourite thing).

Chew her shit? Bitch please.. Childs play. I'd suck Earths crusty Indian ring piece right after he crimped one off on the pavement while reading a copy of 'Mohammed goes to Mars' quarterly magazine, all for a go with Taylor Swift.
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1. Keeley at the barbers I use
2. The bird in the bank
3. My missus (although she'd never go in for anything remotely mucky- hence 1&2)
Just about any of the birds I cum into contact with here in Saigon.

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