Who is running the country?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by big_mac4824, Jul 29, 2009.

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  1. What the hell is going on? every announcement today has come from lord mandelson (the one who was given the boot for being corrupt, and then consequently given his peerage!)
    correct me if I am wrong but is he not the business secetary? surely he should stick to matters that concern err..... Business, instead he comments on how labour are marshalling their campaign, how the likelyhood is that that the pow's are unlikely to be found alive, and now how Brown is ready for a tv showdown on the election, hell I thought that sort of thing happened in the house of commons.
    If cameron takes him up on that offer he is a mug as it would no doubt be staged managed, this goverment is clutching at straws, my only fear is that the economy picks up before the next election,the public are extremely fickle, if their price of beer is lowered they may stay with liabor, and combined with the chav element they may sneek it! :evil:
  2. Oh alright!!! I'll run the bloody thing!!!
  3. Who is running the country?



    Now, who is ruining the country, well thats another matter.
  4. You answer your question in your first sentence - it is Mr. Mandelson.

    Additionally, may I respectfully point out that he was TWICE obliged to resign from the government for inappropriate dealings. He was therefore DOUBLY qualified to go to the wholly corrupt European Soviet Union as a Commissar.

    Now he is back with three aims. They are:

    Firstly, the absolute destruction of Great Britain.

    Secondly, the absorption of Great Britain into the European Soviet Union.

    Thirdly, the coronation of his friend Bliar as President (for life) of the European Soviet Union.
  5. Great, except you missed one thing.

    Cherie becoming First Lady. 8O
  6. Spot on.
  7. If you don't already know who is running the country into the ground, then there's little help for you.

  8. Who is running the country?

    The owners of the country who fool the people using polit-technologies and always have obedient servants in 10 from this or that party.
  9. Ahhh but their is revolution in the air Sergey..

    Our bent politicians (Can I use that term when refering to Mandy?) days are numbered. I think we have maybe one more parliamentary term before our disgruntled military teach Mr Mandleson and co the true meaning of the word "Camp". :evil:

  10. My bold - Aha... spotted your deliberate mistake. It's Mandy to be First Lady surely? Oh and don't call him Shirley
  11. Who is running the Country?

    No one as such.
    It’s a gang thing.
    Every time I watch PM question time, (which is not often) you will see how the country is run.
    Anyone can do it;
    Stand up, sit down, stand up sit down.
    Stand up sit down. Have a jeer then laugh.
    After about one hour stand up and walk out.
    Easy isn’t it?

    Edited to add;
    If you’re sitting in the front benches, all you have to do is sit with your arms folded, and pretend to agree by nodding your head.
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  13. Their revolution? They don't need revolutions. And they merely allow your to pick the neaxt card from their deck.
  14. Spelling error "There" is revolution in the air.

    Things are bad here Sergey, our government is packed with "Former" communists who haven't had the sense to grow out of their student politics.

    The only card they will be dealt will be the Ace of Spades flipped nonchalantly onto their bullet riddled corpses by the boys in the firing squad.

    Oh well, one can always dream! :D
  15. Things are much worse here in Russia. Yes, "former" communists who became now capitalists have built corrupted regime with moron Putin as a leader. The people is brainwashed. We are being run by a gang of thieves. In comparison with our corruptioners their Lordships Mandelson and Levy are almost saints.