Who is responsible.

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by hurrahfortheRE, Jun 23, 2006.

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  1. Can anyone tell me what can be done when time after time after time after time etc. you get your usual £46 for a months pay just before xmas or you travel claim which has been put in, in june and you've still not recieved it in november because the clerk "has other claims to do", or your still getting paid lssa and loa 4 months after comming back of tour and posted from germany even when you tell the to stop it twice per month every month and then when you forget to tick 1 box on a leave pass they tell you that your travel claim will not be paid. I don't want to sound like a winger but i now have a child on the way and if this continues to happen there will definately be tears before bedtime.
  2. get yourself promoted fella because it never seems to be the grown ups/officers in the pay office complaining does it.............................cannot figure that out :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush:
  3. You're talking bolllocks, mate. I'm an officer and have just had to pay back over £2000 in overissued LOA. The RAO was happy to take back £450 each month, which totally crippled me as, like everyone else, I have bills to pay.
  4. Useless arent they? In my place mate its everyone from the newest sprog to the OC who gets messed about. I suspect they ask the OC before they take it out of his next wage though. I think its a real retention issue.
  5. only going by my personal experience & what i am going through at the present time, sorry if this offended you.
  6. I know there are thousands of people both officers and snco's that have problems but when the clerks blame glasgow and glasgow blame the clerks why don't we have the abillity to address this. Even when i was in front of the Col RAO in Chatham for shouting at his staff for being F'ing cr*p for over 4 months, and making me have to deal with the stress and heartache and my wife telling me she is threaders with the whole army because of it. His reply when i said "can i just tell you my side" he said "I have no interest in any thing you've got to say"

    As soldiers with our own pay and allowance we have less rights than peadophile rapists tax dodging thiefs!
  7. Is it not illegal to take back such a large amount of money each month? anyone know?
  8. PAM Part 2



    02.05500. Authority.

    Under the authority of the Minimum Rates of Pay (Army) Order 1994, which is embodied in the MML, a member of the Regular Army shall when subject to any forfeiture receive at least his statutory minimum rate of pay (MROP).

    02.05501. Minimum Rates.

    a. MROPissuable to a serviceman, whose pay account is in debt or is subject to authorised deductions or stoppages, is expressed as a proportion of his "Relevant Net Emoluments". A higher rate applies to servicemen who have to meet the additional cost of maintaining their families. The minimum rates are intended to cover all living expenses, including rent, and are as follows:

    (1) Maristat 1, 2, 3: 75% of relevant net emoluments.

    (2) Mariistat 4 and 5: 50% of relevant net emoluments.

    (3) Minimum rates are to be calculated on the Relevant Net Emoluments and Charges, as detailed below, for an average 30-day month.
  9. It wasn't when they skiffed me and the refused to pay my bank charges for having to transfer money from my saving to my german account to pay off my car and insurance..............................
  10. Who is responsible......

    1. You ask your clerk the procedure for claiming an allowance.
    2. The clerk tells you you cannot claim it - it is impossible!
    3. You believe he is talking bollocks and pursue the matter further; later being informed by the CoC that you can.
    4. You confront said clerk and when they are pressed on the matter you discover that they were actually unwilling to do it because it means MORE WORK FOR THEM!

    .....and people wonder why the SPS get a bad name :x

    p.s do not make the mistake of thinking this "clerk" is a mere JNCO.
  11. I'm a fecking squaddie. English translation please.
  12. The English translation to this piece of subordinate legislation is simply that regardless of the amount that is overpaid to you, the Military may recover from you any amount it sees fit, at whatever rate it sees fit leaving you, or your family within the designated marital status a minimum statutory amount upon which to live.

    The regulation is silent on the issue of reasonableness, or fairness or even compensation or damages for loss brought about by official error. Although such a regulation is subject to such principles of common law, the regulation has been drafted in the safe and secure knowledge of official arrogance, indifference and official callousness that you are too junior, insignificant and ill-educated to challenge the propriety of such a regulation.

    Such an action would have to be pursued through the court which officialdom knows very well you are unlikely to pursue since you are hardly likely to be able to produce relevant and admissible evidence of official culpability and that the cost of your litigious failure is likely to dwarf anything officialdom has sought to recover.

    It follows by parity of reasoning that those charged with implementing this provision at unit level have no interest whatsoever in your individual circumstances or your hardship as long as they have complied with that which they are required to comply with.

    Of course, the internal 'remedy' of redress is open to you, but by the time it is actually processed, you hare likely to have moved up several pay-grades by which time redress is purely rhetorical and a remedy, a mere academic exercise.

    Compassion is not a requirement of the regulation and does not, therefore need to be exercised in your favour.
  13. Thanks Iolis

    I completely understand that but it does not make me stop wanting to punch every smarmy 2 1/2 year full screw in the AGC in the grid.

  14. Gis a shout when you go up sweetcheeks and Ill give you a hand
    Honestly do your job and the blokes on the ground will love you
    But balls it up and the same blokes will bide their time and then sort it with FD
    Its crap really when it comes down to threats (We all know it wont happen)
    but really, what else do we have, I can name the good clerks Ive come across if I think hard
    but the crap ones, now naming them, thats a doddle :x :x
  15. SPS

    secretaries playing soldiers

    nuff said