Who is responsible ?

Last night, went to bed ready for my 10 - 14 hour shift driving with Tescos. At 01.00 boom boom boom, doley boy next door decided to get stoned and play his crap music.

I phoned the police, who promptly informed me they have no powers but would give me a log number.

So there I was lead in bed with Eminem pounding away until 03.00 when I finally fell aslseep. Up at 07.00 knackered. Straight away I am breaking the law as I have had insufficient rest. If I go to work I will better myself and earn some honest money, however if I don't go, I will become as bad as doley boy by his actions.

As the police and local housing authority seem worse than useless, I would lose a shifts money. Surely where there is a blame and the local housing authority have a duty of care, I could sue them for lost earnings ?
Easy, next time phone the police and tell them you heard "gun shots" coming from next door, a few hours later after the armed police have kicked fuck out of his front door, you can explain "Oh it must of been on his music, this crazy gansta rap eh officer"
Just bung your stereo on full whack when you go to work - turn it off when you get back home.

Or have you tried speaking to him and asking him to turn it down?
CC_TA said:
Just bung your stereo on full whack when you go to work - turn it off when you get back home.

Or have you tried speaking to him and asking him to turn it down?
he is too stoned to answer the door and even after the police have visited he just turns it up. Thinking of blade runner on repeat for 12 hours :)
Keep a diary, keep onto the council, they take their time, but as long as you have evidence (police log numbers and your diary) they will take action, eithr by taking away his stereo, which is the most likely thing. or eventaully kicking him out.
Chances are, one his stereo goes bye bye he will realise
I had a similar problem when I lived in south London with someone in an apartment upstairs. I found traditional Irish pipe music at full blast early the morning after effective.
Try this one, it worked for me when I had a flat down in Woking.

As hard as it is, get up at about 0500 and tune in to Classic FM, play it loud, very loud.
If you have any CD's of anything classical even better, for these fuckers it's like garlic to vampires.

For full hardcore treatment, bagpipe or brass band music played at full pelt should do the trick.

I told the rest of the neighbours what I was going to do so you might want to get their agreement too.

BTW, it worked.
Have thought of climbing in the attic with some big speakers, and releasing some mice into his flat :) may also get a load of fake letter heads printed with his addres then chuck rubbish everywhere so he gets done for fly tipping :)
yeah great he gets a new stereo and I get ABH
Sunday papers:

Think of all of that junk mail shite, buy now pay later, special offers, conservatory estimates and the like - collect fukcing thousands of the things and spend a whole weekend filling them out in his name. Sooooo much fun!
:) Little Gary has cancer and would be real chuffed to recieve over a million postcards from around the world
Ring the old bill again, they do have a duty if someone is playing very loud music. This could amount to both a breach of the peace if it is likely to provoke a response from you and other neighbours and it is also a public nuisance. The local authority also have a responsibility, particularly if you live in local authority housing.

Alternatively, as a few people have suggested, next time you see him you could give him some 'advice and guidance' and ensure he never plays loud music again.
think I may invest in two speakers and plant them in the attic - 3.5 days worth of tunes on pc and it's far from my bedroom

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