Who is responsible for resettlement funding?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by soon to be mister, Sep 15, 2011.

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  1. Do the clerks in my pay office deal with this or is it other folks? About to begin the process and would appreciate any guidance. Dont want to waste my 560 quid!
    Thanks in advance
  2. Go and see your Resettlement Officer. They will help you (as you obviously need it) fill the forms out. You'll need a 366 and a 366T. (Unless it's changed).

    You will have an interview with your local IERO, then they will make you do a CTW where you will meet some really fun people. No seriously, they are really fun. Take your own pencil to poke in your own eyes, and some earplugs and bubble wrap for when they start swinging from the lampshades and you want to just sit and rock in your chair and block it all out.

    £560? Am I missing something here?

    Hope this helps.

    Lady Dale of Snailsville x
  3. Completed my CTW which was not much use for me as not finishing in UK, pay folks tell me claiming for resettlement is nothing to do with them. Not sure if this is correct as they seem to be "miss informed" on a regular basis!
  4. 560 quid is what I was told I was entitled to after 22 years of service
  5. 22, 16, 12 or 6 years, why should it make a difference hin long you've served.

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  6. CTW - a 'Job for the (old) boys' scheme where 'soon to be civvies' panic over their CV whilst being bored rigid by tales from lamp-swinging clueless old farts.
    In my case, an RAF Engineering Officer who knew nothing about engineering, the transition to civvy street, the Army, or advice on resettlement. By Christ he could talk about himself, though. This was 11 years ago in Catterick, so hopefully he's dead now...

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  7. Don't wish to pee on your fireworks but your IRTC money (what the Army gives you for a resettlement course) is only £534 :-( however, you can combine it with Enhanced Learning Credits and Standard Learning Credits.

    I enjoyed my CTW and came away from it with a CV which fulfils its purpose - it gets me interviews.

  8. I was to told to go on the CTW. It was a waste of time. My award winning CV looks **** all like they suggested to me. The only saving grace was I was out of the office, and the bird who led it was a stunning MILF.

    Another plus point is when we "shared our CVs" round the tables to look at each others work the young Irish Sigs chick had put her mobile number on it, I duly stored it in my phone, and managed to nail her in my grot that evening ( also ripped her g-string off, so I knew full well the next day she was commando all day long)

    It also came out of my resettlement day count, which could have been better spent in the pub.
  9. CTW does not come off your resettlement days count so how much more of your post was in your dreams
  10. Sounds like you got ripped off there Smudge. CTW (or any other workshop/briefing day) doesn't come off your Graduated Resettlement Time.

  11. As said above IRTC is £534 plus ELC and SLC if you have them. If you have done 22 then you will have 7 weeks leave plus 7 Travel claims. CTW doesn't go off your entitlement. All your claims have to go through IERO and ensure its all on JPA to start with or unable to claim. And Smudge are you sure there was no shit on that G string???