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Do you want to see who is online?

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As many of you will recall, the old ARRSE presented information at the left hand side of the screen telling everyone who was online at any given time, by user name.

The purpose of this poll is to identify if there is sufficient interest in resurrecting this level of functionality.

If we get enough interest, it will return.

Please vote accordingly. :D
thought it was at the bottom of the forums page now - though that seems to say there are 24 people online whilst the front page says 84!
OK my membership list has totally vanished now.

Its not at the bottom of the Forums page, anyone help me with where it has gone??
The online list on the forum page, only shows those viewing the forum page i.e won't list those in chat, the gallery etc
BAD CO said yesterday that it showed everyone.

Anyway still doesnt tell me why it has vanished, surely it should just say no on online???
Viki_127 said:
BAD CO said yesterday that it showed everyone.

Anyway still doesnt tell me why it has vanished, surely it should just say no on online???
I'm afraid TWS is right - it only shows those in the forum. This is normally pretty much everyone though!

What bit has vanished?
Thanks Bad,

But for me the list of members at the bottom of the forums page has all vanished maybe it is to with my browser, but i didnt happen pre crash.

Anyway, not a big problem and ill check it when i get home tonight to see if it is something to do with my puter.

Bad CO said:
What bit has vanished?
You used to be able to see who was online on the LHS of the login screen, under 'People Online'.

Any possibility we can have it back - it's great for being able to spot your enemies (as BBC alludes to!)

OK. Point taken. I'll put it back on Monday as I have no access to the site mechanics at the moment.
OK, I aim to please. Complete with little flags etc, which is different if nothing else. The users online will be updated hourly unless someone actually logs in or our, rather than leaving themselves logged in and using the site from time to time. I can't change that.
Very Nifty :)

Well at least it pasted after this, hence my two posts

Failed sending email :: PHP ::


Line : 270
File : /net/www/arrse/html/includes/emailer.php
Very Nifty, I like it :D
very very nice :D
Re the error message, it's related to our server's inability to send out email and the person you tried to IM / post in reply to will have selected the option that asks the site to email him to let him know when he receives a new IM.

I emailed the hosts again this morning about this problem and will get it sorted ASAP. It's also holding up the shop recovery.
The flags on the who's online list were related to your ISP. I've got rid of them as a lot of people had an ugly question mark next to them.
When you click on the hyperlink of the person that is logged in should it take you to their profile or have I missed something? What do all the different symbols stand for? Question mark etc.
This is truly a dynamic and responsive website. I post a question and see it change before my very eyes! Big hand to the team, may you all get pissed on the product of your success!

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