Home office counting rules crime stats classes might disagree with you. Off top of my head as I'm not working.."Send communication that causes alarm/ distress / threatening..."
It's a catch-all really.
Technically- on the basis of whats been said so far- if she reported it to police-it would be 'crimed' but- likeley NFA'd as being disproportianate and not in public interest to pursue. That could all change depending on how fragile she is though and having her weight commented on etc etc...
That's fair enough, you obviously know your stuff, and we don't want to be causing problems.

So to clarify, she may or may not kick off, depending on how sensitive the fat ugly cow is?
Mark Hammill?


Back in the day to get a story a Jurno either went digging or relied on sources. The story if contentious then went in front of Senior Editor, do the quotes stand up, times, places cross checked, then in front of the lawyers, yes Newspaper's have in house council. Vigorous and exact. I once was quizzed for 2 hours by Farrer & Co and this for the defence, felt like going through the wringer.

Now its hang around forums, Titter, tik Tok generating hits and advertising revenue, credibility zero and they wonder why.


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Well whoever she is, she seems to be making some good money out of her online persona if the information in the link below is to be believed.

According to this, a youtuber will a million subscribers would get 60k (dollars) a year

She has about 8% of those subscribers.


Book Reviewer


She hasn't got to worry from my end.

I don't do fat rhinos.

Thats interesting.

Do you ‘do’ thin rhinos?
I’ve heard they can be really horny gals.

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