who is logical_log

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by gwar_drill_pig_stab, Nov 4, 2006.

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  1. polytechnic eductaed wannabe che guevara

  2. a not in my name ex commie useful idiot

  3. a pvr/ufas reject mong

  4. a walt previously outed (possibly airsoft)

  5. an attention seeker who masterbates 10 times a day

  6. a plain and simple fcukwit

  1. who is this O2 thief search his post's and find a hatred of squaddies. Maybe a girlfriend in the past shagged half a dozen at once who knows?
  2. I don't know. But I wish he'd go somewhere else.
  3. I hear in the distance... ... the hunting horn...

    ... a very familiar sound, that indicates...

    ... its Troll hunting session!!

    Edith, my best boots, my blunderbuss and hounds
  4. I've had a few run-ins with the twa t!! Knob head is the polite word I think or even C U Next Tuesday!!
  5. judging by his last post on green poppies I can see why he's an oxygen thief.....twat
  6. Logical Log

  7. logical-log, do you think you're clever??

    why dont you just LOG OFF!
  8. I dont know who he is but he deserves to get hit by a fcuking bus for some of the comments he has made on here
  9. Did you and doom and gloom ever get it together in the end?
  10. No, he made the noises but didn't / copuldn't come up with the goods, using the excuse 'I'm serving'

    Big wet cnut
  11. Logical log is for me a good example of why brother and sister should never breed. having run into him whilst reading the green poppies post i would happily volunteer to slot the Cnut.
    i have myu own knife and plastic sheeting for the clean up all i need is a video camera operator so i could post it here for all to watch
  12. oxygen thief is a complete tawt he just wants thebiggest kicking of his life
  13. whoever he is i wish he'd bog off every thread he goes on degenerates into that well known case "us vs. that complete c unt sitting in a darkened room getting off on annoying us" why do people do it....have they nothing better to do with their lives!