Who is jumping ship next tranch

Go for it. Once you've made the decision there's no going back. Me? Yoo much of a coward.
Mates who've jumped said once they applied, it was like a weight being lifted from their shoulders.
I'm not RLC but if I was past the IPP I would in a heart beat.

Where has all the fun gone? I tell you where; back in the Screws' Mess in Germany, that's where!
You might find that those RLC Seamen and navigators on the Vessels with Sports & pastimes might jump ship.
If they offered me it, and the numbers worked out right, I would rip their arms off.

Not long to do, but the give-a-****-ometer is starting to barely flicker!
If we're on the same timeline as the last tranche then redundancy fields will come out in early Jan 2013. Not entirely sure about the date though. If I'm 'in field' then I'll have a punt.....there is bound to be changes for the worse on tranche 4.
Not RLC, but cannot feckin wait to see if my numbers come up. I will be outta here like a greased javelin. pension, payout cheers thanks for the gongs and getting my life back. Win win.
Yep im all set. I should have signed off in August for getting out at 12, but makes sense to wait four months and see if their gonna give me extra cash to leave.
Whilst leaving will appeal to many of you just make sure you have a plan when you leave. The money won't last forever.

I left 18 months ago, not on redundancy, but I did have a job to leave to. And to be fair I had already done 22+

Just have a plan guys. It may seem shit now but it pays every month and pays all your medical etc.
Guys i took tranche 1 redundancy, i only qualified as i had got VENG, i can tell you its the best thing i ever did, my wife says im a different person now, so much more chilled, the stress was killing me, but please have a plan, if you dont own a house buy one now as once you have applied for redundancy the banks wont touch you, the council wont house you until you spend all your money on rent, if you have qualified for your pension there are very few benifits you can claim ( its a fact). But if you are all squared away its such a relief, and think about if you stay in its only going to get worse< more workload ect ect.....whatever you decide good luck.
Obviously not RLC, but I finish my 22 before the big pension **** up of 2015, thank ****, otherwise I would have done one.
Obviously not RLC, but I finish my 22 before the big pension **** up of 2015, thank ****, otherwise I would have done one.
SPROG.....and can a Scaley be classed as the Real Army???

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