Who is James Nagl ?

Discussion in 'US' started by YoungDai, Jul 12, 2009.

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  1. The Sunday Telegraph today on a piece about the dead riflemen in Afgan contained this paragraph :

    "John Nagl, a leading military adviser to President Barack Obama's administration, accused Britain of "lacking commitment" to protect its troops adequately and failing to understand the "sacrifice" which will be needed to defeat the Taliban.

    "It took the US a number of years to develop appropriate vehicles to protect [our soldiers] against IEDs (improvised explosive devices)," he said, adding: "Why Britain has taken so long is hard to understand. At the political level, the UK does not seem committed to giving the military everything it needs to win this crucial battle in Afghanistan.

    ''The British people need to take a hard look at themselves and understand that winning may demand a level of national sacrifice." "

    So has Nagl any juice in the Obama / Pentagon circles, and important messages are being sent here or is he just a Gob on a Stick that the papers have dug out for a quote that will be forgotten by days' end ?
  2. I'm surprised that this statement is contentious on ARRSE...

    As for the man himself, Nagl is a retired US Army LtCol and, IIRC, one of Petraeus's students - well-educated, in his case at Oxford, flexible and meeting the challenge of making new COIN strategies.
  3. The guy is featured on Linked-in if you are signed up there.

    He is listed as a visiting professor at KCL, so if you hang round at the Aldwych end of the Strand you might just bump into him. But hurry Bob Ainsworth and Cyclops are after him as well !

  4. Pity we can't get Nagl to submit an article to the Toxic Officer thread on the Current Affairs forum.