who is james blunt?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by lordiffyboatrace, Jan 12, 2006.

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  1. i think he was sent from another planet to drive us all insane.
  2. not another James Blunt thread!!
  3. We're all from a different planet than you, space cadet!
  4. I wish I could go into the Army, come out, make a song that would be so popular that I wouldn't ever need to do a 9-5 job again.

    Except for my stint on a Friday night hanging around on the street corner, we all need the extra pennies :wink:
  5. Pocoyo

    Pocoyo War Hero

    I like his stuff, but then again I know how my radio/tv works and I am more than able to switch things off when I don't want to listen or watch. If i couldn't do this then I would probably spend my life whining about things that I don't like. If we all liked the same things then we would all want to shag your missus, thankfully we don't.
  6. Lairdx

    Lairdx LE

    I wrote a song once. it was about the old wheelbarrow in my potting shed. It didn't get to number one.
  7. Riverclerk

    Riverclerk Swinger

    What Corner is that then Charlotte??
  8. Lairdx

    Lairdx LE

    Charlotte's arrse is so big she can hang around on several corners.
  9. You wrote a song about wheelbarrowing in your potting shed ?
  10. is it a sex position or act?
  11. Lairdx

    Lairdx LE

    Yes. i recently wrote a song about my daughter too.

    It goes like this (the one about my daughter - not the wheelbarrow)

    Snuggly pea
    Snuggly pea
    Snuggly buggly cheeky little pea Wet
    Snuggly Pea
    Snuggly Pea
    Snuggly buggly buggly buggly Pea

    (repeat until bairn goes to sleep or until mrs lairdx has tantrum)

    *Edited due to typographical error*

    Good isnt it? tallented aren't I?
  12. Lairdx don't give up your day job!
  13. Lairdx

    Lairdx LE

    Wind yer neck in Sluice
  14. No