Who is getting R.U.S.E.

I wasn't too impressived with the Beta, Multi-player tho this is really good. Fast competitive games where you have to out think your opponent rather than micro manage faster.


Kit Reviewer
I've been tempted but it seems a bit weird. I might give the demo a pop.
I tried the beta also, it's only good on mulitplayer really. The Beta AI left a lot to be desired - still the games can be bloody quick and are always challenging.

Good array of kit and tactics to use too... I love the way they made the French utterly useless especially :D
Took part in the early beta of this game and it was ******* brilliant! Cant say its got legs to really go war or compete with the other main RTS type games out right (see Starcraft) now but it is certainly fun.

Its is unlikely that I would buy it at its full price though and even less likely if I don't know at least one other person to play with as the multiplayer is quite hit and miss - its really a better experience if you know the personality of the person you are playing against so you can try to outwit them.

I will likely get it should it enter a sale period on steam though. Well worth trying the demo at least.
Had it for months but only just started playing... Good game!

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