Who is doing TSC A1/A2 at Grantham on 10th October

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Red34, Sep 1, 2009.

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  1. Apart from me that is?

    I did my RSW in July at Grantham, met a great group of people and quite a few were planning to be back for a 14 day course in October.

    Be good to know who is going.
  2. It would appear that I will have the place to myself.
  3. Yeah, sorry I cant make it, things to do. Im currently raising a flock of neolithic turkey necked marsupials, not sure I could leave them that long?
  4. Bring them along, The male block will have only me in it, the female block will have only you, we can split them according to sex (who does and who doesn't)

  5. Fabulous, are you a civvie train/bus/taxi driver (delete as applicable)?

    Just give two knocks on the block door and I'll let you in, I'll be the one in stockings and a turban and circling on a unicycle.
  6. I am a Civvie, (I deleted all the non-applicable)

    I am not allowed in the female block, could we meet in the Naffi?

    I'll be in DPM
  7. Not sure about Naffi but could try Naafi?
    Whats DPM is that the green and brown stuff?
  8. And no doubt it will be un-ironed, worn incorrectly, topped off with a huge badly shaped beret and a spotty face.
  9. Touché