Who is David Hamilton?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Guy_Gourdior, Nov 24, 2007.

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  1. David Hamilton MP (Labour, Midlothian) is quoted in today's Telegraph of our illustrious former CDS's; "It's outrageous that a bunch of public schoolboys are attacking our Prime Minister when serving soldiers are fighting two wars".

    I would argue that it is outrageous that an ex miner should feel qualified to bring education into the argument. Is that the best this inverted political dinosaur can manage? Hardly cutting to the forefront of debate is he, the fat, useless Scots tw*t.


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  2. He's trying to earn broonie points,on the back of the military.
  3. For god's sake get on message you lot.

    According to the hard left, the current mess in which Gordo finds himself is purely down to a vile conspiracy of Eton and Oxbridge alumni. These b@stards are fomenting social and economic collapse for the purposes of, err, well, erm, some sort of fiendish, capitalist er sort of thingy that these fascist class traitors want.

    Anyway, it's got nothing to do with Comrade Brown who is an innocent victim of malevolent forces. (Is it me or are Labour starting to sound a bit Mugabe-esque)

    Back in the real world, I'd advise you to have a look on some sites like labourhome.org where you can read how the 'poor bloody infantry' has a 'natural affinity for Labour'. The lefties are starting to panic and some of the utter b@llocks being bandied about by way of excuses really is quite amusing.
  4. No worse than that chippy traitor Joyce.

    We'll need a pretty big wall when that revolution comes.
  5. What's his nationality got to do with anything? If he was Pakistani, would you be calling him a Paki c*nt? If he was English, would you be calling him an English c*nt? Why is it that you people feel that his nationality is an issue?
  6. Because he is - the people he is defending ie Brown & Browne are from his tribe and the people who he is attacking in a seriously outdated fashion, are not.
  7. I suppose in your bigotted little mind that there's some sort of justification in amongst that. Like I asked though, if he were English or Pakistani, would you be calling him an English C*nt or a Paki C*nt?

    Tribe? And you call someone else 'seriously outdated'?
  8. Oh all right then I apologise, to be honest its only Wahabi Shia I hate - I'll amend my post and kiss it better :wink:
  9. Probably quite a lot. Most of the english/scottish animosity tends to be north to south - witness many comments both on ARRSE and many other blogs. And similarly the anti public schools comment is always one way traffic. So someone's accident of birth and schooling is some sort of moral defect is it? Trouble is the Scots never seem to be able to let it go. Give them full independence immediately, I say. The sooner border controls are in place the better.

    This cretinous MP seems to be under the impression that the current Prime Minister is actually properly supporting the Armed Forces. Well, none so blind as those who do not wish to see.

    Personally I couldn't give a stuff which school these people went to, it's what they are saying which is important.
  10. hamiltonda@parliament.uk

  11. Sixty

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    That would be at best arguable and at worst a lie.

    I'd direct you to the Daily Telegraph's online edition and it's comments area to witness for yourself the particularly vicious and venimous attitude of many south of the border.

    I don't recall, for example, many on here castigating Hoon as an 'English c*nt' but do feel free to point me towards examples of people doing so.

    Edit for clarity: Many DT readers south of the border. Not many English people in general.
  12. ......

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  13. Why does it always come down to this anti English/Scits ?Irish /Welsh rubbish. We all are or were members of the British Army and there will be few of us who haven't taken the urine out of some mates at time because of their nationality, that's the way it is in the army, always has been always will be. The target for any insults on this thread should be David Hamilton who happens to be Scottish not other ARRSERS. Hamillton is a cnut because he is a backside kissing sycophant of Brown's and is probably like the rest of his sort trying to ingratiate himself with Brown. Let's keep the squaddie style nationality slagging where it belongs in the NAAFI.I am a Welshman and am proud to count a few English,Irish and Scots among the small group of people I call friend.
  14. Well maybe we should just agree to differ, rather than escalate to the point of accusations of lying, eh? And to regard the Telegraph as the voice of the English is possibly taking it a bit far, unless you know otherwise. However you may possibly understand (unless you are a Scot, of course :wink: ) that the West Lothian question still rankles with many English people. That in itself is seen as a monumental injustice which in conjunction with the Barnett Formula has done no good at all to relationships.

    And, from lengthy personal experience - which may not be typical, I accept - I stand by my original assertion. Although you may wish to consider me a liar. In which case so be it.

    Others here, rightly, seem to regret the (perhaps artificial) nationalist barriers which have been erected in the UK. Certainly I do, but - given the apparent animosities and the palpable sense of many Scots that they have been mistreated since the Union - I think it best to release England from Scotland and those Scots who currently govern it. Or at the very least to set up an autonomous English Parliament with exactly the same devolved rights and responsiblities as those held in Edinburgh.

    That is a long way from the original post and my apologies for that. But Mr Hamilton's views were based partly on what I perceive to be class prejudice and I suspect also on an underlying distrust and dislike of public school educated 'southerners'. What Mr Hamilton forgets, of course, is that the former Prime Minister himself went to Fettes, and Mr Brown's schooling was not so poor, either. Indeed it is quite interesting to examine the school histories of many of those on the Labour front benches. Perhaps Mr Hamilton can be persuaded to reconsider.