Who is Charley Reese?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by error_unknown, May 20, 2004.

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  1. Well he is a guy in America that writes some columns and he happend to personally go to the Congressional hearings wherein Rumsfeld testified that he didn't do it/order it/sanction it, and wherein the camera shy (not) Senators merely tried and convicted the junior enlisteds caught in the headlights.
    America is buggered, not as a victim, but because it is responsible for a lot of the buggering. Stand back for the Blowback because it is coming.
  2. He has just put into writing what the rest of us have been feeling for 'a while'!

    sounds like one american who isn't taken in by the 'everything is ok if the USA says it is'.

    Nexts you'll be telling me that he understands the truth behind irony,
    and that slapstick, like benny hill, is just something for the rednecks to chuckle at!
  3. The man can't be an American, too much rational thought.
  4. GQ,

    this thread makes sense. Your others don't :wink:
  5. I am humbled - thanks. Charley is a homespun kinda American guy.

    Notwithstanding some of my silly ranting, many of us here on this side of the pond including me are very very vexed by the US Govenment atm.
  6. Well, you (all) have the chance to change all that this autumn !!
  7. Oh good - we get a new one to take the p1ss out of! :lol: