Who is allowed to spin?

Who should be allowed to brief the Press?

  • Only an elected MP

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  • A Special Adviser to the MP

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  • Department Heads eg CDS, Head of the Prison Service, etc

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  • No one - anonymous briefings only.

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  • Permanent Under Secretaries of State

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Chief Medical Officer and the Chief Executive for the NHS.

Both spinning the Government line about the NHS.

In the light of comments about General Dannatt, I wonder if any of the political worthies who say he shouldn't speak to the press at all in any negative terms, will come out and say that the only people speaking on the Government's microphone should be elected politicians?

Where does the Government of the day draw the line?
Honestly, I dont think anyone should have to just tow the government line.

I think we would have a much more effective system if we went back to the days when people (politicians especially) just said what they thought on an issue, and not what they were being told to by someone else.
With acknowledgements to Jonathan Lynn, it's one of those irregular verbs:

I give confidential briefings,
You leak,
He is being prosecuted under section 2a of the official secrets act.

It's all a question of perspective.
I voted Dept heads. The problem the government has is how to trick the people that they are effectively conducting the business of government, while sticking the promises of their parties manifesto. They say that only ministers should brief the media. This is done to control the information given to the public. We all know that if you ask a department head of any public body, they will all say they need more resources/funding (either publicly or privately), furthermore they will give you a more in-depth view of the problems they face.
But if you ask a minister they will talk down problems, distort statistics and tell you that change takes time. Once they get voted out of office the incoming government continues to blame the previous one. Thus the cycle of miss information continues.

The press should stop being so left wing, and dig more into the goings on of political parties, the problem with that is that some political editors/correspondents are so far up politicians asses you are never going to get an unbiased report. Politicians would like us (the general population) to become mushrooms (kept in the dark and fed shit), but to be extra safe us keep us mushrooms in a dark box surrounded by smoke and mirrors.

…and they wonder why people are so disenfranchised with the political system.
Pillager said:
Those to Pakistani Bowlers arent allowed to spin - Nandrolone you see, its banned and so are they!

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