Who is a naughty bootie?

Plus ca change...

Me and Mrs Cuddles, our wee Fenianette and windsor the dog went to the Bath and West on Friday. The weather was appalling and ruined our family day out. However the one redeeming feature was the sight as we wandered in of a member of the RM Commando display team sat in the Centre Parcs stand obviously copping off.

Some hours later as we tabbed out, dripping wet and minus several pots of gold, we were delighted to see the same Bootie still tapping up. Excellent drills Royal. Any chance that the Marine in question may cough to his progress with the bottle-tanned, slimmers world svelted, M&S suited representative of Centre Parcs?

I was all for barrelling in and saying "You probably don't remember me but I was the MO at CTC...tell me, how is your dose coming along..." Mrs Cuddles thought that was class but then refused to let me have a shot. Irish renegade besom....
Cuddles mi old Doc how ya doing, ta for the penicilin and streptomicene, the warts have all but gone and the flood is but just a slight drip.

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