Who is 2nd best?

Who is 2nd best? Anyone who's ever supplied kit to the British Army.
I don't know but they're certainly a few places better than us. We're a fucking joke these days unless you really believe this punch above your weight sh1t that Blair/Brown/Cameron started throwing around again as an excuse to keep cutting our strengths.

The Norwegians I've worked with were man for man fitter and in my opinion were very professional soldiers. Also worked with a platoon of Kiwi's carrying one of our special bergens other nations like so much and they were laid back to say the least, but very competent.
What's your take sweet pea?
I don't claim to have a great deal of experience with it, which is why I ask. From what I have seen the Yanks are a lot better than I thought they would be.
I am a Brit seving with the Canadian Forces. The tactics, training and motivation are almost the same but the fitness level and discipline are not to the same level as the UK.

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