Who instigated Reserve and Territorial Decorations, and why?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by barbs, Aug 17, 2011.

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  1. I have a broad collection of family medals (VR to EIIR) and was amused to see that there are as many RDs, VDs and TDs as MCs, MBEs and OBEs. This led me to thinking.. why were the "reserve" medals introduced in the first place...? that first principle must be quite important for them to endure to this day.
  2. I was under the impression they were issued to reward Reserve and Territorial efficiency and service over a long period, in a similar way to the awards of LSGCM.s to regulars, bearing in mind some Regulars and wartime officers and men went on to reform, reorganise and train to high standards many TA units post ww2 and received both Regular long service medals and TA medals for their service.
  3. That doesn't explain why officers received Decorations - I get soldiers receiving LS&GCs etc., but why officers getting decorations when there was no equivalent for the regular force.
  4. I wouldn't be surprised if it came about as a recruitment and retention incentive. Retention for the rank and file. Parading the bling at formal functions to encourage swelling of the Officer Corps by way of "I want one of those".
  5. msr

    msr LE

    And the added bonus of when applying for a job with someone who has the post nominals of TD, the opportunity to mention that you are in the TA too.

  6. Territorial Efficiency Decoration (TD) was instituted in 1908 on the formation of the Territorial Army it superceded the Volunteer Efficiency Decoration (VD). Awarded to officers on completion of 20 years unblemished service. The medal was renamed the Efficiency Decoration in the 1930s though recipients continued to use TD as post nominals.
    Winston Churchill had one!

    I recall a CO of 1KOSB who was DSO. MC. TD. He was commissioned into the Territorial Army pre WW2 and converted to a regular commission at wars end. Don't know how he qualified for the TD as AFAIK only had 10 years of TA service, perhaps war time service counted as double?
  7. yep wartime service counted double for EM(T) and TD
  8. Good idea to be fair.

    The shit idea was allowing all the non-deployables to exchange one bar from the TEM or TD for the VRSM, thus swelling the meaningless medal racks and leaving the mongos free to blag at weddings.
  9. Could you do it that way round? I thought the options were to continue with bars on the EM(T) or start the count for the VRSM at the last EM(T) award - with the latter the default option. Hence having EM(T) and VRSM required 22 years service. The option you state would require only 18 years (6 years for the EM(T) bar against 10 years for the VRSM).
  10. Not so sure on that, but I do know that theres a lot of entries in the London Gazette along the lines of "CSgt XXXX relinquishes one bar from the TEM", and in the next issue theres "CSgt XXXX is awarded the VRSM".
  11. Maybe already 4 years into the next bar? Then again, it sounds like there may have been a ruling that you could only have bars on one of the medals, not both, so either EM(T) only with bars or EM(T) without bars and VRSM with bars.

    Dunno. Given that awards were usually received four or more years after the qualifying date, personal experience isn't going to be helpful in explaining the situation. I recall that my first bar was long outstanding when my VRSM turned up instead. That was after 23 years of reckonable service (and six that dipped out).
  12. BuggerAll

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    To get the VRSM you need 10 years reckonable service. Anyone who had one a bar to of the preceding gongs could hand in the bar in exchange for 6 years service but would still require a further 4 years to qualify for the VRSM. Clearly nobody would hand in a bar before they have the extra 4 years service.

    There are people around who have bars on both medals. A trick I could well manage if I want to. I would become eligible to turn in the 2nd bar to my TD in 2014 in exchange for a VRSM. I would then be eligible for the bar to that in 2019.

    I don't intend to unless I've got another Op medal to balance it out a bit. One op medal, 2 jubilee medals and 2 service medals with bars just seems a tad Ruritanian.

    As to the OP's original question I think it was about recognition of service. It was felt that officers made a greater commitment and therefore deserved a more prestigious award. Whether it is/was more prestigious you can judge from the numbers who opted to turn in their TEMs in exchange for the TD and the numbers who opted to take a VRSM when they could have continued to qualify for the TD. The VRSM came in in more egalitarian times.

    FR2020 discussed the possibility of bringing back the TD or similar as a way to raise the status of the reserve officer corps and thereby aid recruiting and retention.
  13. One of my Regimental 2i/cs had post nominals of TD JP which suggested a real pillar of the community, as did another friend who was TD OBE JP DL...
  14. I knew an OBE MC TD JP DL .....outstanding old boy.
  15. The VD/TD were awarded to officers thus carried post nominal Letters. the EM, TEM awarded to other ranks carried no distinction. Both had a 12 year qualification, being 2/3 of the Regular LSGC. When the VRSM was introduced it was 10 year qual (2/3 of LSGC now 15) and 5 years for a bar. Unlike the previous TEM/TD the VRSM entitled ex Regs to count up to 10 years service for TA service as half toward the new medal as long as it had not counted for LSGC. Thus, guys/gals who left the Regs with up the 10 years service and joined the TA could count up to 5 years for the new medal. As for those who were part way through when the new award came in, officers could opt for the TD if they had in excess of 6 years when the new Regs came in, otherwise they got the VRSM with no Post Nom. I have the TEM then VRSM and bar courtesy of my Reg Service, otherwise I would only have the VRSM! Let's face it, bling ist bling!