Who held your hand when you joined up?


Daily on the US TV I see a services recruiting advert, where a young lad intent on joining up is accompanied by mummy and daddy. When I joined up in Finchley London, my parents were some 5000 miles away. Is it any wonder these days that some of our allies are ending up with little mummy's boys who need a cuddle and a glass of milk when the s*** starts flying?
When I joined I had just finished a college course in England and being from NI I had not seen my parents for almost a year. When I had expressed an interest in joining 2 years earlier they were very discouraging so I signed the papers in Peterborough and wrote to them the day I left for Sutton Coldfield. I phoned through my address about 3 weeks later. I think they had accepted facts by then.


Maybe they were just proud parents wanting to be part of their sons career - maybe your parents just didn't give a sh*t. Just because parents care doesn't mean that their offspring will be a bunch of pussies!
My parent were 10000 miles away - in those times it was a letter a week and a phone call on a saturday if lucky...

Good old days
My probation officer.


My old man dropped me off. Probably wanted to make sure I didn't change my mind. Always remember the well 'ard looking RP with a slashed peak at the gate who said "Come to join us 'ave you?".
Never seen such an evil grin before or since!
My mum and dad popped me on a train at Doncaster and waved me off to Arborfield.


Finchley, Waterloo, Wokingham all on my tod,and while waiting for a Number 6 bus to Aborfield Cross, along came this REME permanent staff member who gave me a lift to Poperinghe. I met him him years later when we were both out of the service and had returned home across the waters. Gave him hell for causing me to join the Depot 1 hour before my schedule. :thumleft:


To Surbiton to sign on, then Waterloo to Wokingham. It was on this train that I met someone who was also going to be a Tels Tech - he was reading Practical Electronics - my first intimation that I'd chosen the wrong trade !
It was a family send off at Scunny station for me, mind you not long til donny and can get on the main train and get a few mc ewans reds down, bit of a shock at wokingham though (Sept 90) being met by a certain portly Coldstream Guards SGT who didn't seem to be able to say left or right properly???? what was this strange place I was moving into?


I got escorted to the Glasgow - euston express by both parents thinking ......."how 'kin embarassing !!! "

Travelled down with three other reprobates 2 of whom's names I can still remember !! 28 JUNE 1977 !! Be 30 years ago this year gawd I feel old

Also my first experience of the Hurry up & wait concept ..... we spent 2 hours at Wokingham station waitng for the 4 tonner to pick us up !! And that sort of set the tone for the next 16 years !!


i got my dad to come with me when i swore an oath to the queen, being ex military it was a priud moment for him. although getting your parents to come with you for recruitment would be slightly homesexual to say the least, hope he didnt want to join the reme anyway.

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