Who have the Republicans got for the next Presidential Election?

Discussion in 'US' started by Travelgall, Jul 15, 2010.

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  1. Any thoughts on who the Republicans have got to face Obama in 2012. I read something on Bloomberg that said both Palin and Gingrich have negative Polling numbers. Whilst Bobby Jindal is seen as positive. Any other players out there. Anybody that is seen as middle of the road, or will the Republicans go to the right after McCain (Whom did as good a job as possible on the back of 8 years of George W Bush and the desire for "Change"). Are there any more governors out there seen as half decent from a key state (not Alaska). What about the Republican Scott Brown who too Massachusetts from the Democrats after Chappaquidick Teddy? Sorry, not American but have an interest.
  2. I think there is much up in the air at present. I will, however, offer at least one personal observation about the "hono(u)rable" Newt Gingrich, especially since he hails from my own state. I fervently hope that he is not allowed to serve in any official (or unoffical) capacity under the banner of any party. IMHO he lacks "integrity" (in the classical sense of the term) and cannot be trusted (witness his shambles of a personal life) to stand on principle, notwithstanding his apparent ability to portray himself to many as some sort of an elder statesman for the Republican Party, much less as a (principled) conservative. There-I feel much better now.
  3. I'm sure somebody could fake up a Hawaiian birth certificate for a certain Mr ACL Blair. He seems popular enough and right-wing enough. But, after the shambles of Michelle (and the horror of Hillary), could the world really face Cherie back on the world stage?
  4. I think he may already a gig as the heir apparent to Middle East Potentate.
  5. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Personally I can't see the phenian fcukers voting for anyone other than Gerry Adams.
  6. Something to look forward to. A Bit more Pro-British than President Obama.
  7. Well, as you've had a Kenyan president, perhaps an Austrian would be a good choice for the next one. It might even be the case that he'll be back for a second term.
  8. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Obama is the President of Ulster?

    When did this happen?

  9. If you are alluding to "AHHNOLD" of California, I would not hold your breath given the dire straits that state is now in. But then again, look at our recent experience and one could argue we Americans know no bounds on electing people who are LEAST qualified for the job.
  10. Can't be any worse than our own 'Care in the Community' efforts of recent years. Small consolation, I know - but an electorate get the kind of government they deserve and frankly that scares the shit out of me!
  11. I go hot and cold on that-some days I just shrug and say we get what we deserve and on others (seemingly decreasing) I tell myself there may still be better days ahead. I suppose at least selfishly neither of my children appear to want their own children. It is a bit difficult to have put in so many years serving a country that seems hellbent on self-destructing.
  12. Geez....I hope the 'right' don't attempt to field Gingrich! Sadly, right now Romney seems to be casting the longest shadow in the wings.
    Early days yet. Hopefully not another self-serving lawyer!
  13. He's precluded by Austrian Birth from ever being President. That's what the Bullshit about Obama has been with the Birther nuts, and the Dems tried it with McCain (born in the Panama Canal Zone at a US Navy Hospital).
  14. Oh Yeah Newt hasn't a chance in hell of getting the Nomination either. Screwed around on his dying wife while roasting Clinton for the Monica scandal.
  15. Ron Paul for President?