Who has the Most Medals ?

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by bodyarmour, Jun 26, 2004.

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  1. Following on from an earlier thread who has the most medals in your unit ? We too have a Medic (SNCO) in our unit with TEN Medals! and a Cpl with eight, so i guess people will now be leaving with 10-12 Medals...More like the "Yanks" :(
  2. I've got 15.............................beer medals that is, all on the inside of my shreddies. I've also got a map of Africa down the front of my jeans and what suspiciously smells of Gurkha sperm encrusted in my two day old beard.
  3. Only 6 for the slug :cry:
  4. Only 5 for me - maybe i'm not so mighty

    I won't be picking up my LS&GC though - despite a pish letter to my CO.
  5. RMP SNCO I know in 158 Pro Coy with 9:

    NATO Bos
    NATO Kos
    OSM (SL)

    Me? Just the three, I'm afraid (and nothing exciting either)
  6. I thought it the Done Thing to call him Sir...[​IMG]

    bloody poxy image hosting
  7. I am a poor Loggy posted to a Medic unit. I thought I was ok with my 6, but these medics go everywhere....my 2IC has 9, and thats just the start of the Regt lol
  8. With the addition of the BB medal, I now have more ARRSE medals than real ones - that'll be something to tell the grand kids !
  9. lol.....can imagine ye now....70 years on....grandchildren on yer knee...."when I was young....medals were hard to get...had to donate some money to arrse for them lol
  10. At present as a Medic Techie, I stand at 9!

    I have also booked my place at Royal Hospital Chelsea and look forward to being that catankerous old bas'tard you find in the RBL.
  11. I thought you already were a cantankerous old bast*rd :wink: :lol:
  12. he is, just hasnt got the red tunic yet
  13. what about the dementia and false teeth ??
  14. HLS

    HLS Old-Salt

    As I served through the 80's I am the proud owner of 1 gong. :lol: which I wear at work every day..............next to my 10 yrds swimming badge.

    When I joined if you saw a bloke with three gongs it was rear (FI, NI and UN)and even he would have been an NCO. Now that HM Forces are being sent here, there and everywhere they hand the feckers out at will..........not that they arn't all deserved of course. :lol:

    A mate who is still serving has 5 (possibly 6 now) and appeared a little bit :oops: when he told me. :lol:
  15. Only a lonesome "one" i am afraid but working on it :oops: :oops: