Who has the most holidays

I'm pretty sure it's the Danes, we get roughly six weeks annual holiday, plus bank holidays (and there are more of them here than in the UK).

It's great!
Outstanding said:
OK lets be honest here, who is the laziest nation? Is it really the Brits?
You have got to be joking, have you never been to:-

More public holidays than most nations.........despite fifth largest economy still well down the league table for productivity..... a national penchent for closing down everything due to fog, rain, snow, leaves on the line.......Hmmm, no we don't do the siesta thing but there again we don't tend to extend working hours well into the evening as many of the latin nations do........but we do have huge numbers of folk off sick with "stress" and seem obsessed with the "long hours culture" ......... Lets try some comparisons: USA has far less public holidays and works longer hours with a resultant higher output......France works less hours but has marginally higher output.......Are we keeping this thing as a Western European thing or are we going to branch off into Africa and the Middle East? Well, most ME states would seem to be prime contenders for the lazy b'stard trophy but, if one takes Ku*ait or some other equally non-identified state, the idleness quotent is is high if you are a resident, 4001st prince of the realm but the word idleness word is unknown if you are a Bangladeshi immigent worker scratching out a living........Some African nations: idle. Other African nations: bone idle, but when you're on the verge of starvation theres not too much incentive to tote that bale..... I guess that in summary, man is in general terms, lazy and only fear of retribution will make man work hard for a living.... and why should he when there are women willing to do so....
Hardly think Ireland qualifies as ' lazy ' given its economy and business growth as a high performer among all the EU nations...
Lollipop Men: they don't start their working life until they are sixty five.
Okay holiday themes etc.

For all our comaraden etc nichts britisher do you do anything in your
Unit before the Xmas leave.
For example this week we had the carol service and today we had
our big meat draw (Didn't win again for the second year running)
In Europe its without a doubt Ukranians or Russians. Always some holiday of something or other. More now that old orthodox holidays are side by side with leftovers from the SU. In August work is nonexistent.

In fact work in general seems nonexistent there. I've seen the lazy b*st*rds leave jobs unfinished for weeks in Kiev and St. Pete's, ignore deadlines and sit around and BS all day. But come the weekends they work like friggin' illegal Mexicans in the US (ie very hard) on their own holiday dachas.
In my experience of Multinational HQs, you cannot get

an Italian to stop talking & start working
a Brit to miss Happy Hour
a Pole to look happy
a Spaniard to just "get a ****ing move on and do it"
a Belgian not to calculate the cost of any action
a Dutchman to work beyond his max weekly working hours
a Frenchman to contribute to anything not in the French National interest
a Greek to look smart & remove a mobile phone from his ear
an American to let go of his Bible, M16 and Apple Pie
a Turk to agree with anything a Greek says
a Dane to stop giving you hangovers
a Canadian to entertain you
a Portuguese to turn up when you need them
a Norwegian to stop smiling about how well he is paid working abroad
and a German to tell you how THEY did it better on their OWN last time

but don't get me wrong, I'm all for NATO - it's great in peacetime.
[quote="agoodgrouping but don't get me wrong, I'm all for NATO - it's great in peacetime.[/quote]

Trouble is they are now involved in war fighting Operations!!

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