Who has the best uniforms?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Captain_Calamity, Mar 30, 2006.

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  1. Ok,

    As has been almost universally praised, the next round of defence cuts will be based on uniforms. Those units with the best uniforms will survive.

    In order to help the 'powers that be' in the next round of defence cuts, I pose the following question:

    Who has the best uniforms?

    This is your opportunity to save your unit - by proving that you have a uniform worth saving!

    You should post a picture so that we can all see.
  2. Naughty Nurses
  3. And I raise you a naughty nun.
  4. I see your nuns and raise you a monastary, complete with fake holy grail.
  5. Too rich for my blood I fold
  6. Billy Ruffian, you folded too quickly - you could have backed the fake holy grail with the full cast of the Python's......and raised him a shrubbery.
  7. How about a rabbit with sharp pointy teeth and new body armour so dont try any holy hand grenade nonsense . :lol:
  8. I was scared
  9. So was brave, brave Sir Robin. But he ran away..............................
  10. Ha! Exposed - a nest of Pythonites! And all before I could threaten to gatecrash the bidding with the Antioch WMD. Bugger......... have to find an excuse for another insert..... any arrsers called Brian out there by any chance? (Cue the "I am Brian". "No, I am Brian". "I'm Brian and so is my wife".... Christ, I'm bored....)
  11. We have no Bwian's here. No Wodderwick's either.
  12. <Adopts best Cleese manic voicce> "Right! Thats it! Thats totally it! I haven't got time for this! I've got better things" <interjection in best unctuous BBC style> .... "and now for something completely different"......
  13. Post a picture. The description does sound interesting...........
  14. I know I'm out of the loop, but every time I see the TA on the telly, from whatever the regiment/ corps (etc) they all seem to be wearing exactly the same dusty yellowish-looking combat gear.

    Amusing hats notwithstanding, I really cannot tell the difference.