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Who has sex with prostitutes on Christmas Day?

What do you get for £4 though, asking for a friend

Bournemouth has a surprising number also, I reckon those blue pills have had a positive effect on the blowjob industry in retirementland, nice to hear actually...coming up 63 and thinking about where to to retire to.
What was that famous football graffiti . . .

"Southampton for the Continent !! and Bournemouth for the incontinent"

. . . with the italics showing the graffiti added to the graffiti.


Apparently you can get a prozzy for £4 in Stoke.
I was brought up in Stoke, I now live north of the city and have not been into the City for a long time. The main pick up area was Waterloo rd. The poor saps that touted their trade there were pitiful drug users , it is now a mainly Asian area.